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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Mike View Post
    Jrainey, I had never even heard of that place (and I have skiied in the Arlberg 3x). Google images says it's beautiful. Lucky bastard.
    Yeah, kinda been curious about that area. Definitely heard about it, driven nearby, but not up that valley. Not as much snow as the Arlberg (Which I love, been 7 or 8 times now), but probably a LOT fewer people...
    He who has the most fun wins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by comish View Post
    Yeah, kinda been curious about that area. Definitely heard about it, driven nearby, but not up that valley. Not as much snow as the Arlberg (Which I love, been 7 or 8 times now), but probably a LOT fewer people...
    Just as many people, but fewer fat skis and airbags

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlpineZone View Post
    Hi Huskydoc! May I suggest that instead of the overrated, overhyped and overpriced Tetons, that you "think outside the box" and instead relocate to a ski town in the northeast, home of the gnarliest snowriding in the USA? I would proffer that all things considered,the northeast is the clear choice. The riding is more challenging here due to the variable conditions, the snow is better due to the cold temperatures, more consistant snowfall as well as superior snowmaking (and LOTS of water for the snowmaking systems) as well as a truly more enriching urban and mountain lifestyle. Also, the culture is superior, the history is rich and the "Norman Rockwell" factor is prevalent everywhere you turn.The terrain is truly fabulous, the partying is unmatched anywhere(can you say "hot New Jersey Italian babes?"). If you can shred here, you can shred ANYWHERE. When you score your first Killington powder day in "Anarchy", "The Throne", "Chop Chop" or "Patsy", you will be grinning from ear to ear, I promise you!. You will also find that the clientele(as well as your co-workers) will tend to be more educated and well-rounded, not your typical one-dimensional western ski jocks. Okemo, Stratton, or Killington Vermont would be better than Jackson in every way!
    I would also like to take this opportunity to formally invite you (as well as all TGR Maggots, NewSchoolers, Pugskiazoids, jongs and lurkers alike) to come join our fun-loving but responsible bunch of snowriding aficionados at I think most all of you will find that our seasoned moderators "keep the bar high" by maintaining a sense of order and decorum, while encouraging quality discussion about our favorite pastime. I can assure you that "newbies"'(jongs) are welcomed with open arms by our entire community(unlike here at TGR), and there is no "hazing period" or rudeness tolerated. We also have superior bandwidth and response times on our 502g superfibre network as well as a state-of-the-art virtual blade server farm with 5000 terabytes of virtual disk space for your photos, blogs etc. It may take a small amount of getting used to, as we do have reasonable standards as far as language and image posting that are strictly enforced. The registration is easy and painless, and the rules will be explained in detail during the process. I will warn you however up front that registering an ALIAS is strictly "VERBOTEN", and something we have zero-tolerance with. If you are tired of the juvenile goings-on at TGR and Newschoolers and yearn for a snowriding forum that matches your maturity level, all I can say is: "Come join the fun"!
    has anyone met Greg in real life?

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    i dont kare i carnt spell or youse punktuation properlee, im on a skiing forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by panchosdad View Post
    Amazingly pathetic.
    Quote Originally Posted by panchosdad View Post
    Except that for most people it's not even close to their reality. See JRainey's post for a different POV.
    If it's not close to your reality it doesn't mean it's not 100% true for others. It definitely rings true. You see what you want to see. Not saying you are wrong either, a lot of these rants don't apply to some of my friends there at all.....except for the alcohol problems, ha.

    There's a lot of negativity in this thread, but I think the take-away should be: Yes, move to Jackson, but as a friendly warning it's not the nirvana you may expect in town. It's definitely the nirvana you would hope for in the mountains, so if you can easily ignore some bullshit down low for the lines up high, give it a shot.

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    "We don't beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully." - Randy Pausch

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    Want to get out there this winter & spring and check out the scene for work and real estate...and just hang for a while, but suspect it'll remain as a terrific area to hang now & then. Property is bottom line dollars and cents...and the hotspots don't come cheap. Looking forward to visiting though....a beautiful area of country.
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