This hike links the Warren Lake and Pacific Crest Trails. About 15-18 miles with a fair bit of up and down, depending on which variation. The scenery on the NE side of the Castle-Basin ridge is the most alpine looking in the area and late snow in the high chutes creates wonderful flower gardens. Take the Warren Lake trail along the backside of Castle and Basin to the far ridge where the Warren Lake and Devil's Oven Lake trails split. Take the DOL trail but don't go down to the lake; instead climb the ridge a short distance and then traverse along the north and west sides of Basin Peak on use trail and old jeep road, eventually descending to an unsigned junction with the PCT coming in from the right. Follow the PCT south to the car--see below.

Last time I was there the main trail was blocked with a branch, directing people left and up towards the top of Basin Peak--I have not followed this branch so I don't know where it goes, but stepped over the log and kept going straight (south).

The shorter variation starts at the parking area of Castle Pass Rd north of I80 at the Boreal turnoff. Follow use trail, old road and bushwhack east parallel to the interstate , meeting the PCT just north of a pond at the Castle Peak freeway rest area. Follow the PCT until the junction with the Warren Lake trail. On the return, from the top of Castle Pass take the right branch down to the dirt road back to the car.

The longer variation starts at the PCT trailhead parking area south of I80 at the Boreal exit. Follow the PCT to the Warren Lake trail. On the return, at the top of Castle Pass take the left, PCT branch back to the car.