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    Rebuilding PNW setup after 6 years away

    I've seen a couple versions of this thread, but a possibly a bit different with the new shift binding, and would appreciate any thoughts.

    After 4 years in Utah in grad school then two years in Minnesota, I'm down to an older pair of Kaestle BMX 108s and am looking to build a two ski quiver, one daily driver that can plow through leftovers and ski most of the mountain, and a pow-day/shorter tour backcountry (possibly with the shift binding) ski. To keep costs down will probably get backcountry setup this winter then replace the Kaestles later. Will be skiing mostly in the crystal mountain area.

    For the backcountry setup, I'm wondering if ~108-110 directional stiff ski (black crows corvus, QST 106, volkl BMT109, etc) is sufficient or if I'd want something wider (anima, billygoat, others). Will probably replace the 108s with the newer 105s.

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    I tour on the BMT 109 in the PNW.

    They ski pow pretty well for the width and also handle crusts and firm/corn well... a good all-around touring board that compromises a little on both float and edge. Conditions are variable enough in the area that I'm ok with the middle ground. 122 or Katana would be better on the pow end of the scale if you're after that.

    All those V-Werks skis would be great candidates for the Shift binding IMO.

    Get BillyGoats or similar for the inbounds crusher.

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    The billy goat was made for what you are describing. You can custom them to a tour layup if you have the coin. There is a $100 off custom builds deal to the first some number of people this month.

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    Ski your current gear until you spend some time out here and are familiar with the terrain and snow from more than just memory. It's the archer, not the arrow; take it from a very average archer.
    Be good, or be good at it.

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    joe, if you get the bg’s you’d be able to join the cult following.
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