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    Replacing front fork with different size?

    I have an old (2008) Yeti 575. The fork (Fox Float RLC 140) is pretty beat, leaks a little oil (and maybe there were other problems, can't recall), I have had a couple of mechanics tell me I need to replace it. As it's a very old 9mm QR fork, and I have very little spare bike money, I have just ridden the damn thing. But I now have a line on a replacement, a Vanilla RLC 130 that seems like it would work (also 9mm QR).

    Assuming that the fork will fit, my question is this: what will the change from 140 to 130 do? Will I notice it in the change to the geometry (and if so, how)? Or is that so small as to be imperceptible? Or am I entirely off base in some other fashion (always likely when it comes to bike questions)?

    This is the specs of my bike, if that matters:
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    Assuming the difference in A2C length is also -10 mm (which is likely, it's probably the same chassis) it'll steepen your HTA by about 0.5 degrees and drop your BB about a quarter inch. I doubt you'll notice it. This is the ultimate "beggars can't be choosers" situation. I'd jump on it.

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    if the new fork doesn't hit anything you will lose a bit of fork rake, the figure of +/- 1 degree per inch of travel gained or lost somehow sticks in my head

    don't forget to take the old bearing race off the fork, I have seen people not bother and if the fork doesn't come back to them for any reason (warranty/selling the fork/you name it) have to buy another headset
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    Decent QR forks are getting to be harder and harder to find. The geometry change may be even less than dantheman noted. Get the fork so you can keep riding your bike!

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    It will mildly steepen your head tube angle (1-degree or less), and mildly shorten your wheelbase. In both cases this will probably mean it performs slightly better on the up, and slightly less good on the down. But all of that is such a small change it will be barely perceptible to most riders.

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    You can use this to figure out the geometry changes for different fork lengths:

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    Seems like rebuilding existing fork would be an option. Maybe ask at a couple LBS ? But snap up the other form just in case.

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