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    SW CO Trail conditions?

    Planning a trip to CO June 9-16, I know that is early but hoping with the low snow year that most SW CO trails will be clear.

    From POD, looks like COT Blackhawk pass is snow free.

    A few questions:

    USFS is claiming "Maggie Gulch - OPEN" anyone been up on the CDT from there?

    Does Telluride gondola allow loading mtb's in mid June? Are the Prospect/Alta Lakes trails closed for elk in June? What about Wasatch to Bear Creek loop? Ski area webcams does not show much snow, but not sure how that correlates to trails.

    USFS website has Calico trail as "temporary closed" expect it to be open in a couple weeks?

    From strava looks like COT from Molas pass, people are hitting snow around 3550 m, but the Pass cr to Engineer Mountain descent is snow free. Figure it will melt out in the next couple weeks?

    Durango dinner recommendations?

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    Based on the pics Iím seeing from everyone at Mountain Film Festival, thereís no snow below tree line.

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    SW CO Trail conditions?

    The High Country (above tree line) is still snowy. The area we call "mid country" is alllll good to go. That means Hermosa Creek and all of it's loops and CT to high point (and probably to Champion Ventures).

    In another week or two, the alpine should be good too. There's sooo much good riding here.

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    Sounds like forest fires fires popping up. Havent gotten past the headlines yet though.

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    Telluride gondola opens back up and starts allowing bikes Memorial Day weekend. Prospect/Alta closed until July for elk calving iirc. Can't comment on current Bear Creek to Wasatch conditions since I don't live there anymore but I know it was a low snow year....people were riding trails out of town in January. Call up Box Canyon Bicycles as it gets closer for conditions.
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