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    i do not know how the legal issues will work out. however this article give good insight in to the accident.
    apparently the guy was going to snowboard the mountain and crampons with no ice axe. also first responders were trained rescue and medical people
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    There's still this sign at the Headwaters Lift that, among all the words, says something like "rescue may take some time." Because, well, rescue may take some time.
    SFOTEX, IDK what happened in your situation, but it was my understanding that even the courts understand that the first priority in a rescue is going about it safely. We can't have plaintiffs and defendants arguing about whether the weather and visibility was go/no go.
    Do people sue the Coast Guard for not getting rescued fast enough in the middle of a storm?

    Different situation, I know.

    And I wouldn't mind a huge payout from a certain air taxi in a certain state.
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    Just an uneducated guess.

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    Since when is the expectation of mountain climbers that a helicopter will definitely extract them from the upper reaches of a mountain within 3 hours?

    3-4 hours is pretty good response for extraction IMO

    That guy who called 911 didnít exactly make it seem like it was an emergency. But the dispatch was fucked up too, whereíd she get that a 60 year old was hurt from that first call?

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    Surprised the (obviously experienced) rescue crew is depending on 911 dispatch and doesn't have a direct line into the sheriff's office and other responding agencies. Or is that SOP to make sure it gets priority?

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    My thought too. Life insurance co trying to weasel out of paying.

    From what I can see plaintiff is grasping at straws. Helo was dispatched 90min after first call. Those on the scene said they thought they could get the injured guy down on their own, then changed their mind. Donít know why it took 2.7 hrs for helo to get there - aircraft must have not been at PDX base - but that seems the big delay.

    Iím also mystified about why routing the call to Tline patrol is a bad thing. They have cats that can get personnel & equipment to at least Silcox Hut, and farther if they can cross into wilderness during an emergency. Thatís way faster than trying to deploy a PMR or Crag Rats team

    Hereís a helo rescue on Mt Hood gone wrong. The narrative is a little overwrought but itís still one of those holy shit moments. And it illustrates the ďsuicide pactĒ Steve described upthread.
    Good podcast with one of the J's who had that Helo roll over him. Pretty crazy account of the whole rescue.

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    I am sorry this guy died and I feel for his family, but when you step off the ground to lead a rock climb, or venture on skis into the backcountry, or attempt to climb a mountain like Hood, you are taking your life in your own hands and willingly accepting the risk. Pisses me off when people try to cast blame just because shit went sideways. Nobody OWES you a mountain rescue, regardless of the circumstances.

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    rescue started on mt hood today
    not many details yet

    climber fell 200 ft, alive & breathing...hope they get him down safely

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