Since moving to Northwest Colorado I've been wanting to check out the Zirkel Wilderness. The Zirkels are a little north of Steamboat Springs, where I live, and have the biggest steepest mountains in the area. The hard part about getting out there is access. A gated Forest Service road 6 miles from the trailhead keeps the area hard to reach until June. I decided to head out solo for a couple days to check out the Zirkels, and get there from my house via bike. Its a awesome 20 mile bike ride on open county roads, than turns into a 12 mile forest service road, that culminates in 6 miles of steep dirt road. I skinned in 4 miles and a few thousand feet and made a high base camp below Big Agnes Mountain. The next morning I summited Big Agnes and skied stellar corn back to camp! A nice split ski out and a bike ride home got me back before the late afternoon thunder showers.