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    Has JHMR been approached by MTN and/or KSL?

    Because letís just spank the elephant on the room: JHMR is THE LAST INDEPENDENT SICK ASS MEGA RESORT IN NIRTH AMERICA...

    Will it stay that way?

    If JHMR gets sold to MTN (ok; Vail Resortís stock market ticker symbol).

    Not gonna lie JHMRís inclusion on either pass, but especially the IKON pass would actually be freaking awesome.

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    JHMR is on Ikon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejongiest View Post
    JHMR is on Ikon?
    Yes, but not unlimited like squaw. 5 or 7 days included.

    Doubt they would sell. Connie and jay don’t need the money, and they like to play the ski owner game.
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    Hope it lasts that way. Cushing never sold out. It was the kids and 2nd wife

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    I'd bet every place that has over 2K vert and fills their lots most weekends has been approached by one or both of the megamonsters.
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    Owners have been fairly public in their plan to keep it in the family. The next generation might see it differently tho.

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    Oh Holy shit, you just pushed my button now.

    I am super cynical about Teton village... I see the Kemm ownership as one big long term Flip. They bought it for chumpchange after the McCollisters fucked up and had to sell. That shit didn't happen by choice.

    Kemmerers prolly spent 20 Million up front, 150-200M in improvements making it "better' then eventually selling out to the highest bidder. Which will no doubt be one of the big 2 now. Just ballparking numbers now, easy there...
    - side variables: yeah they most certainly dig being the big fish in a small town but really, Jay runs the show, Connie plays with it but not the big calls. Silent partner sister in sun Valley never shows. Jay only for big openings, etc. They are a moneyed eastern family, not Wyomingites.

    They're distant relative dug big coal in SW WYo. way back. Named the town after himself and the family sold it for the family fortune sometime later. Kemmerer WY. also is where JC Penney's originated. You kids heard of that?
    - Inside line tells me none of the younger Kems are even remotely interested in running that place. I think the 'we want to stay Wyoming " thing is a crock, just my opin. They'll sell and roll out (cash out).

    -JHMR's inclusion on the Ikon sucks for us, great for the rest of the planet though.

    It is my impression after living and working in the valley for 28 years that those who don't need the money tend to chase it the hardest. Funny that. The ski bum here makes do with what is available. The wealthy always seem to be wanting/needing more constantly.

    - Vail already owns some of the more impressive attractions/lodging in the valley. They're here, just not tooting their horn. JH has always pushed back on Vailization but It's creepin'.

    Just one ski bum's opinion, nothin' to see here. Move along.

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    Yes, we have approached them. It's open. Like N. Korea, but it's in discussion.

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    Well you know they were approached by both, at least with them being on the Icon now.

    I've heard the rumors the kids don't want to be a part of it as well. Hopefully its just a rumor. I think them being independent is a good thing.

    I don't really get a lot of the hate for the family though. Crusty locals everywhere hate change, but I find it hard to complain when they have shown a consistent commitment throughout their entire ownership to reinvest in the mountain. Lots of owners would just cash the checks.

    It certainly has become consistently crowded though. I didn't ride the tram more than a handful of times this season. I'd rather do the three lift dance and skip the bowl than wait an hour standing around.
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    My first trip to Jackson was in 1994; it was a cool, funky western town with some great skiing.
    Now, it still has great skiing, but the town is just another rich-tourist trap.

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