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    Quote Originally Posted by DanoT View Post
    Snowbasin has no on hill accommodation so it might not be a good candidate for increasing skier visits from out of towners and Epic Pass sales
    That's the same thing they said about the jewel of Vail's crown, Wilmot Mountain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snojones View Post

    The only things missing at Snowbasin are the lines, the hassle, the traffic, the crowds, and the kind of pressure that has turned powder days into powder minutes. Not mention the environmental devastation of shoving development where it clearly does not belong.
    You haven't been there on a weekend for a while have you? Or maybe I'm just too jaded from Snowbasin 15 years ago and everywhere else is worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zion zig zag View Post
    You haven't been there on a weekend for a while have you? Or maybe I'm just too jaded from Snowbasin 15 years ago and everywhere else is worse.
    Yeah, I went there on a Saturday this year thinking I'd be avoiding the Cottonwood Canyon crowds. I had a very warped old timers vision of that place, pre Olympics. Oh, was I wrong. It was a record day. Snowed twice that week for the first time in a long time during a dismal season. Holy crap, was it crowded. And, the line stretched back to the parking lot from where I took that picture.

    Nice mountain though. Never do a Saturday.

    I was stunned that there is still not one bed at the base. Weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRUTAH View Post
    wait, your idea of a world class ski town is a gentrified beach town in florida? GTFO.
    and I'm the dolt
    Suggesting a new urbanist village is the most on point thing SirHeady has posted. (I am more speaking to how development should be planned, rather than if it should occur)

    1st, seaside is the most prominent example of good planning practices in the city planning and urban design world. No it is not gentrified as Seaside was entirely planned and built on a greenfield development (unless you are talking about the 5 houses adjacent to it). If you have not researched the development and zoning code of seaside, I highly encourage you to. It's 20 page form based code(most jurisdictions are in the 1000s of pages) focuses on the form of buildings instead of use, allowing neighborhoods flexibility, and the ability to adapt over time. It focuses on providing smaller blocks and providing a great pedestrian realm.

    The biggest criticism of seaside is that it is a resort town and some aspects are not applicable to traditional city and suburban development. That is not the case here as this would be a resort village as well.

    While cookie cutter Vail and intrawest villages cater to pedestrians through pedestrian only villages, the framework of those developments is very poor and impossible to adapt to. The buildings are very similar and very fake. Form based codes like in seaside can provide authenticity and interest in building form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarsB View Post
    Agreed. And to reiterate, Sun Valley owns Snowbasin.

    Fuck a corporate resort village. Go move to Park City.
    Kinda what I think. Basin has been the "un-park city." For everybody that wants it that bad, you can always drive an hour and get your fill...
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