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    Clothing Distribution/Wholesaler

    Looking for someone who is in or knows someone in apparel distribution in NYC, Boston or Las Vegas for trademarked 420 oriented apparel. Not exclusively a dispensary focused market at all, but rather touristy tee shirt/hoodie type shops for prints like this.

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    I'd go back to work and take it on the road to build cred for your line. If the draw is fair, expenses are covered and the samples are free.

    Family has been in the rag trade one way or another since Uncle Joe from Gloversville finally caved in and gave his very good customer the price he was demanding. Joe shipped him 400 dz of pairs of gloves. But only for the left hand. No Rights.

    Seriously, good luck. If/when the pot shops can sell more than pot they would triple their sales.
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    Splat we should talk sometime.

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