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    TR: Fairy Meadows Hut, Feb 2018

    I wrote some pretty detailed TRs on my website and as much as I hate to clickbait, I'm not going to try to duplicate everything here. Instead here's a few shots, and you can see more (including many from my insanely talented nonmag friends) here:

    It was an incredible week of skiing deep snow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Norseman View Post
    All ye punterz! Leave thine stupid heavy skis in the past, or at least in the resort category, for the age of lightweight pussy sticks is upon us! Behold! Keep up with the randocommandos on their carbon blades of shortness! Break thine tibias into spiral splinters with pintech extravagance!

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    Worth the click to read your actual writeup. Glad you got to flyin ok - it's been a year for cancelled/delayed flights.

    That parking lot pic was funny. that's why i pack in a full snow shovel. Good that the map I duct-taped up is still there!

    Really like Day7 - the Granite Glacier Moraine is totally underrated.

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    that was an awesome write up, and great pictures. Thanks!

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    amazing. don't normally bother with clickbait but the whole right up was fantastic and the images magazine level quality.
    That moraine terrain was mental!

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    great write up and incredible pics, especially the night ones! looks like you got similar weather to us.

    before i read the write up i was trying to figure out where the moraine shots were taken from. we never even thought to go there as one of our group who'd been to FM before had an unpleasant experience trying to climb the moraine on the way back from enterprise after a long day.

    we hit so many of the exact same spots as you. it's cool to recognize exact pillow lines and see pics of everything a month before us.

    we only saw the pine marten once - when we were eating dinner and it ran face first into one of the west-facing windows tunnelling under the snow, then snarled at us. scared the shit out of everyone. those things can be so cute... and so vicious

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    Damn. Amazing photos and an epic trip. One day . . . .

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