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    Quote Originally Posted by dunfree View Post
    The A&F name has been around for a long time. I even have some 40s A&F branded wooden skis.

    The current A&F effectively dates to 1988 when it was sold to Les "super friend of the pedo Jeffrey Epstein" Wexner's Limited Group.
    Sigh, OK let me try to explain one last time, then Iím out. A&F has been around a long time. In 2000 they started a company called Hollister. They made up a fictional story that the Hollister company was founded in 1922 by a man named Hollister in California. That was a total fabrication. The Hollister company was founded in 2000 in Ohio by A&F. I hope thatís clear enough to follow?

    I have a theory as to why they might have come up with this fictional back story, but that would just be speculation so Iíll just stick to the known facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASmileyFace View Post

    Damn near every "outdoorsy" person in colorado has one of these things at this point. Folks from here in the four corners will drive an hour+ extra on their trips back from the Front Range to visit Leadville and see if their size is in stock.
    From my experience it seems like the main drivers of the current fad are outdoorsy types (or wannabee outdoorsy types) passing through from out of state. Looking to garner that singular item that shows they're part of the cool crowd, to their outdoorsy pleebs back home. I'm sure there are plenty CO residents just catching wind and looking buy their credibility with one as well, but I've been surprised by how many people on vacation or passing through talk up the shop like it's some vanishing pop-up.

    I think the brand, the concept and the fact that they're a small local outfit - that's great. I'm just left chuckling about the fascination with micro grid fleece and lines out the door from the chaco-tan clan.

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