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    Quote Originally Posted by Jong Lafitte View Post
    Oh, I like those! 2.5lbs isn't horrible, especially compared to my freestones, which I don't pack.

    I once forgot my boots and rented some from Kirks. They were like Chuck Taylors but with a felt sole. forgot the brand even if it was on there. Seemed quite packable. I bet they were more than 2.5lbs though. Also made of shit canvas that supposedly falls apart in the sun+water+drying but I rented them for the guide shop and they were in OK shape.
    Chotas rock, especially as you get fatter and older. Not sure I ever thought of Chota along with packable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Mike View Post
    soft science has some that seem decent. I only used them for one long weekend last fall, so don't know about durability, but they are definitely light and packable.
    Got the Terrafins a few weeks ago. Super light, pack small and dry well. Soft, malleable sole, cordura upper with just a little padding around the ankle, heel, tongue, and toe. Definitely not as supportive as most wading boots, though - they remind me of Crocs. Traction is just okay. For the price and weight, though, not bad.
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    I've got a pair of these. 3.5 lbs, full boot coverage, rubber & felt options, dry pretty quick, $90 MSRP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunfree View Post
    guide schools? what fucking retard would attend TrumpU for trout?
    ...with flyfishing's increase in popularity.....we now get em' all
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