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    A year abroad -- with the family. Anyone done it?

    Hi -- we have the opportunity to skip out in a major way starting sometime in late June this year and can be gone for about a year. By 'we' I mean myself, my wife, and my six-year-old son.

    Wife and I have traveled to more than 80 countries independently. Son is smart, adaptable, athletic, and has traveled more than most his age, but at his core is still six and likes Matchbox.

    We have a modest budget for this -- hard to quantify exactly. We don't have to be in a tent eating bananas, but we can't tour Europe. Have considered buying a van and an Ikon pass, but that's really just four months of 12 and would eat up more money than we want. Currently are leaning toward heading to Bangkok and working out from there. Contemplating biking southeast Asia or perhaps the east coast of Australia. We like to ski and bike, and son also likes to swim in warm water.

    Main consideration is that I need decent-quality wifi about three nights a week. Boy would be schooled by mom while I work.

    Anyone done something like this and have any suggestions to offer? Sort of hunting around for a rough itinerary at the moment.

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    Did two months beach house in Fiji than month in new Zealand with the kids. Kids 6 and 3

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    How solid is your marriage? Because if there are cracks hiding below the surface, this might expose them (i have close friends heading to divorce after trying this out). But if you're solid and both 100% on board, sounds awesome.
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    I did two years in the French Pyrenees, with my wife and two kids. Great time, but it was stressful at times.

    Cheap there, cost us half of what we spend at squaw.

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    My boss and his family are mid-year on this. Girls are 11/13/15 and great kids. They're essentially based in Barcelona, but travelling to different places in Europe for 1-2wks at a time. He put together a home schooling program for the year and weaves in experiences that connect to their school work so it's not just vacation each day. They wrap up in May/June with a few weeks in SE Asia and Indo before coming back.

    They're renting their house here for an ABSURD amount of money while they're gone, so they can pretty much travel as they'd like. Regardless, they've been thoughtful about where and how they do this trip, and it's been a long time coming. Seems like a great thing to plan for when kids are the right age!

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    Sounds inexpensive....
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    Go to chile. Pucon for the winter then Maitencello. New Zealand would be sweet too.

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    Does anybody work for a living here?

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