Used sparingly for 1 year at job to view/ backup files in the field/ vacation. Expensive new, but market not so hot now with cloud services. Great for backing up in the field where you donít have access to the cloud (mountains, out of the way locales). Make an offer- taking up space

Epson blurb: An essential tool for the professional photographer, the Epson P-6000 Multimedia Photo Viewer provides an innovative way to download, store and display thousands of photos, videos and more on the spot - without a computer. With the ultra fast processor, it's easy to backup images right from your cameras memory card (CompactFlash, Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) or MultiMediaCard), or transfer files directly from your camera via the USB interface or from any USB storage device. Once your images are transferred, you can then erase and reuse your camera's memory card and keep shooting. The high-capacity 80GB hard drive and long battery life makes it an ideal device for extended, on-location shoots.
The large, four-inch LCD Display lets you instantly review images, or share your portfolio with clients immediately after the shoot, and you can easily view slide shows and videos, or listen to audio files as well. Furthermore, the Photo Fine Premia LCD technology built into the display provides Adobe RGB color space support, displaying over 16.7 million colors for incredibly accurate image color. It supports both JPEG and select RAW file formats and even allows users to zoom in and verify image details. Plus, it incorporates an easy to-use Jog Dial controller and intuitive user interface - making it a snap to recall any file quickly and easily. Altogether, the Epson P-6000 makes it easy to save and share images virtually anywhere.