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    I think we've moved past the OP's original question a year and half ago and are discussing running shoes generally, right?

    In that vein, I know nothing about stack height or heel-toe drop, but I really like Hoka Speedgoat 3s that I recently picked up and am using in conjunction some Hoka Torrents (lighter, wider, mid-cushioned). I previously had some kind of quasi-minimalist Scarpas. Anyhow, I got the Speedgoats for longer runs and was interested to see what a max cushion shoe is like. After only a little time on Tahoe trails (often rocky with lots of vert), I love them. I love the plush cushion and rockered sole, especially on sustained downhills where my feet often take a beating. One of the downsides I read about max-cushioned shoes is "not being able to feel the trail." I've never really understood this because I've never really wanted to feel every pebble and pointy rock on my the soles of my feet, particularly during 10+ mile runs. Anyhow, I haven't had any problems.

    In sum, I like the Speedgoat 3's and their fat cushioning, particularly on longer runs. YMMV.

    One more thing. I picked up some HOKA recovery sandals a couple months ago. They are nearly as ugly as Crocs, but man are they f'ing sweet after long days of foot punishment running, climbing, or skiing.

    I also recently switched to Speedgoat 3s and have loved them although the upper is falling apart quicker than I was hoping.

    +1 on the hoka slides

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    On a number of recommendations from this thread, I tried some Topo Athletic runners. I was looking for a road biased shoes with good cushioning, some drop, and a wide forefoot to accommodate a tailor's bunion on one foot. I tried the Ultrafly 2 in 11.5 (my normal size) and the Phantom in 12 after the Ultrafly 2 had proven just a bit short.

    I never ran in them, but I couldn't get them to work for me. The footbox was wide, but it really widened up a bit late for the extra room I need for my specific feet and it seemed to me that more of the extra room was on the inside than outside of the foot. I really wanted to love these, but the fit wasn't quite right, so I never really tried them outside the house.

    I ended up with a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Beacons in 11.5 EE. So far so good. I like the stretchy upper and while I don't need the width in the back, I think that it will be fine unless I'm on really steep stuff. I've now done 3-4 short runs (all my runs are pretty short) mixing asphalt, dirt paths, and some singletrack and they've been working well.

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    First run out on Xodus ISO 3. 7.5mi and 3K of elevation with snow from the trailhead. Reviews are correct that they are heavy, but grip on the trail and on snow was insane. Was hoping they would be a little more plush, but it was 32*, so not really surprised they were firm.

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    That's pretty sweet (for running stoke anyway ;-)

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