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    To brace or not to brace?

    Have had three ACL reconstructions and have basically never worn a brace (except for the immediate post-op one with the lock on the hinge).

    I have a tear in my ACL right now, apparently not a full tear but the MRI didn't show well how torn it is. Ortho prescribed a sports brace which he wanted me to wear for skiing. I did for two days and it kind of sucked--stopped because on the second day it was really cold so I doubled up on long underwear which caused major irritation where the two pads on either side of the knee are supposed to touch the skin (or whatever is on the skin). I also didn't feel the brace was doing anything for me and hated dealing with it (not sure if it really impeded my skiing, but it felt like it might).

    I don't really think a brace can help protect an ACL (torn or not), and I don't feel my knee is more susceptible to injury right now than any other time (I do have pain and discomfort, but not really while skiing).

    Am I being dumb not using the brace? Any evidence for or against? Studies I have read about don't show much/any benefit to these braces.

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    I'd brace'r up. I have had both knees ACLR'd w/in the last 10 years (i'm 44 yrs old for reference) and think that I currently have a torn meniscus on my left knee.Although it doesn't present as instability, it really gets irritated after skiing all day and will swell.

    I have been experimenting with braces over the last couple seasons and find there is less swelling when I wear the brace. I rock one of those hinged types with the hole over the knee cap. I find it helps.

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    Iíd brace it up as well. Shell out the extra money for a fully custom brace. Iíve been skiing with one on since I tore mine and I never notice it now (5 years post surgery). Takes a few days to adjust to wearing one but youíll get used to it. If youíve been trough it 3 times do you really want to risk it again?

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    Less irritation with my brace, and, I guess I'm a bit psychologically dependant on it. I'm guessing that it has prevented further injury, by stabilizing what is essentially a weak joint.

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