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    What’s a fair price for a used dry suit?

    It’s an NRS. Probably 9 yrs old max. I bought it like new from someone. I probably only used it twice. Gaskets appear fine, no dry rot that I can see. Been in my closet the entire time. It’s got some dirt on the ass, most likely from the last time I wore it, took a swim and sat on the bank thanking God that I was still alive.

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    150-200 maybe. If it has the funk, maybe less.

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    Less probably, seam tape will fail and peel over time. Even hanging in a closet.

    The seals may look good but can also fail and would most likely all would need replaced. They will become gummy and often tear just trying them on.

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    I fix a lot of dry suits, If the seals are springy stretchy/ there are no visible cracks or rips/ they don't rip when you reef on them they might be ok but 9 yrs is a long time for a drysuit seal
    , even if you can do your own work the cost of replacing 5 seals could be what the suit is worth
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    Not a ton.

    I think a good used Kokatat G-Mer should fetch about $500. Based on that, an NRS of that vintage could be worth as much as $200 if it has got seals that work.

    NRS does not carry the same reputation in drysuits that Kokatat and IR have held for many years

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