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Thread: Couch Surfing

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    NYC Couch Available

    I live in NYC, which isn't exactly a ski destination, but if someone is passing through, my couch may be available. Hotels are insanely expensive in NYC, so I understand. Also, vacation/ski trip swap would awesome too.

    I got an Epic and Ikon pass this season so I'm looking to take advantage of it out west for several weeks. I'd be glad to host anyone interested in trading time at my place for theirs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by splat View Post it's worldwide
    yap, exactly

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    I've got a treehouse on our property that sleeps 2 for Summertime use in Acadia National Park, Maine. Has a small propane heater and power for phone charging. Nomad maggots welcome. My wife and I will be driving West to ski the Powder Highway loop next winter and would love some couches/driveway space to park our rig and folks to point us in the right direction and/or ski with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m69d8f View Post
    yap, exactly
    Stay on topic. Missed point by you two. A worldwide site is not us, is not the maggots. Thus a forum for us, thus spefic threads for us too...rocket science it is not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by m8b58c View Post
    I have hosted about a dozen people in the past six months via CS and it has been a pretty great experience for me and hopefully for them as well.

    A huge variety of people, most of them talkative, some who keep to themselves, but nobody who was a jerk or really unpleasant in any way.

    It was disturbing to find that Americans are lowest on the general politeness scale, so whenever I travel I'm going to be certain to kick it up a notch for us yanks.
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    Anyone got some couch space near Park City proper? Got into a conference last minute and looking to save some coin. Happy to contribute to the beer fund. Thanks!
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