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    photo web link from Instagram for your TRs

    (it's tech talk maybe? -- but seems useful here....MODS please shift if unwanted here)

    start on a web browser on a cpu

    bring up your (or someone else's) Instagram feed

    click on the image you want, which brings up the larger image popup

    hovering over the image, right click & choose "view source"
    (i used google chrome, but there will be an equivalent in other browsers)

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    this will open up a window with a wall of text

    use the search feature to find "jpg" or "display URL"

    select & copy the URL inside quotes immediately after "display URL"

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    use this URL to copy into your TR as a web linked image

    as of today's writing, it should stay as long as the IG account is active

    (I have not tested if private accounts allow this...I imagine, if you can access the image, this will grant access to the web link, which is independent of privacy gates)

    I have no idea how to link IG vids — if someone knows, post it up below
    or, multi image posts
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    This is a good way to do it for sure... it would be nice if forum admins would add an embed video feature for IG as well. I think we'd see more TR's.

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    Instagram might change the url address of your photo every N days, that is what facebook does and they are using a facebook favicon when I open your image.

    Some forums are slurping up linked photos in posts and serving them...therefore not depending on a third party other than the initial loading of the image.

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