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    La Grave last March: ode to Ullr

    I didn't know I needed quasi-human sacrifice to get some powder. But one half-ACL (my girlfriend's) and one dislocated shoulder (my son's), both just after last Christmas, did the trick for the annual boys' March trip to La Grave.

    I'm posting it here in the hope that Ullr decides to show them, too, some love this Christmas.

    Last season was pretty barren in the Alps. When we arrived in La Grave, the valley didn't look great, but the forecast did. The next morning, things started off well:

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    A couple of our group of six hadn't skied much that year. We were supposed to start off with a warm-up run. But Pierre, our guide, had other plans. "When it's good it's good", he said, showing us the way to Triffides 2.

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    Good thing that La Grave is flat:
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    (bonus telepherique in the background)

    Or maybe not quite so flat :
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    (rappel in La Voute, starring irbis)

    It's fun inside the couloir, too:
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    That night it started snowing properly:
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    So the next days we skied some trees:
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    But also Triffides again:
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    And put first tracks in Les Freaux:
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    ...and then, following Pierre's faultless timing for a half-hour sunny window, first tracks in Chirouze all the way down. Too much fun to stop for a lot of photos in the actual couloir (and there was another group following), but here's one of Arno starting out:
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    This led to what must have been the comment of the week. The next day there was a long queue at the telepherique and Pierre looked at everyone and said: "Look at all these guys waiting to lay second tracks in Chirouze"

    I mentioned Pierre a few times. I think we fell in love with him. We certainly look up to him:
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    He must like us too, his body language says it all:
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    He gives us climbing tips:
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    Saves the best lunch spots for us:
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    ...and when he gets bored of us, he steps on the gas and gets lost in the distance:
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    Then again, wouldn't you, if you had this crew on your heels?
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    Did I mention Pierre has faultless timing? One morning we skinned up on the glacier, next to the closed draglift, and arrived on the south face at the perfect time to ski it. No one else did, that day. Yep that's right, just the seven of us for the whole day, including a skin up to Glacier de la Selle, witnessing a small avalanche on the opposite aspect, and generally enjoying life.
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    Another day we skied down to his house in this couloir:
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    Saw some chamois:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Last run of the last day, down from Dome du Monetier (irbis):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And to close the TR, a view of Le Rateau:
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    You really need to stop knowing WTF you're talking about. (Tippster)

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    Awesome. Iíve never skied la grave in anything but boiler plate. Good on you!

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    Looks epic! Thanks for the stoke. Hoping to get there and time it right like you did one of these days.

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    Sick. Momentum building for a Europe trip.

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    Excellent, thanks for sharing!
    Looks like it was an awesome trip.

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    Thanks for sharing. Awesome stuff.
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    Special place, great pics and thoughts!

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    aaahhhhh!!! great shit there horizon

    some day would be nice to rendezvous with you guys in euro land
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    Nice bump. Don't know how I missed this.

    Very cool.
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    Sweeeeeet, and a good motivator since I get on a plane to Zurich in 36hrs.

    Haven't got much skiing in and zero touring due to the fire, but super stoked to get to Europe. Conditions appear to be off the chart, but high avi potential.

    Thanks for the motivation.

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    Bucket list for sure.... hope it survives.

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