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    north aspect
    Quote Originally Posted by m6dabc View Post
    Winter is the plan...gotta make her yearn for the snow storms!
    do ya gotta make her yearn for something?
    I can think of better things to have a gf yearn for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidog View Post
    BUT..... French canadians....

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    Wherever you end up book a place that's a short walk to the lifts or ski in/out. Having to shuttle, drive, etc is a PITA especially trying to convince or impress your girl.

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    What is she into? My wife skis, so we tend to aim for fun mountains. As far a places goes, she really like Telluride. We were in the box canyon, right next to the Gondi base. Great town and food.

    Toas, as mentioned is another cool place.

    Neither are easy to get to from the east coast.

    Park City is easy access from SLC, has three resorts, a town vibe and lots of lodging options.

    Anywhere we go, we prefer to stay on mountain. I'd suggest a mountain that has a good town at the base would be better for everything.

    OTOH Alta is a really cool vibe if she wants to get away from town and be in a yurt with a bunch of dudes.

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    I wouldn't call Alta my favorite place to ski--it's tied with a handful of other places--but it's definitely my favorite place to stay. I've always stayed at the Peruvian. Some prefer swankier digs. I dig the lodge atmosphere; beats a condo every time IMO.

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    Loads of helpful info above (irony, mostly). Maybe there's a women's snowboarding camp or course she can join? Look them up? Haven't been to Colorado, but Park City is a pretty good place to stay (even if you don't ski/board) and Sundance Festival is heaps of fun (esp if you have somewhere to stay already). Can't emphasise enough the importance of finding a good course (with other women) for her to do ...

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