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    Yeti SB 5.5? Good as they say?

    I've been riding an SB95 for the past 6 seasons and am looking to upgrade. Being that is is early winter, there are some decent deals on slightly used SB 5.5s.

    Used ones w/Sram X0s are going for around $4,500 or a touch less...

    Temped to upgrade...

    Who's sprung for one of these puppies? Thoughts?

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    Spent a fair amount of time on one. Great bike if you're pinned, all the time. Especially on trails that are descending, kinda rough, but not too rough. Less great if you want something mellow and cruisy for Sunday driving.

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    I wouldn’t buy many carbon bikes without full (original owner usually) warranty. I wouldn’t buy carbon OR alloy Yeti without warranty.
    If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it tubeless, I will. I got spare time.

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    I got a 5.5 in june, the cheapest (relative term) shimano build, I like the spec, i like the fox build, I dropped a couple teeth on the chainring with an absolute black 28T but that was all I changed

    I like the 29's they roll over everything, climbs/descends/turns really well, seems to do everything as advertised with no hiccups fuckups and nothing broke ... great bike,

    Beginning of the year my son got rid of his SC Nomad (last years model) to buy a 5.5 so i asked why, he said while the Nomad went downhill a little better the Yeti climbed and pedaled better for enduro races
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