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    WTB: 27.5 Rigid Carbon Fork

    I'm trying to track down a reasonable fork for the kid that won't fail on him. Nothing fancy. I have looked at CarbonCycles but they are out of thier 650/27.5 fork.

    Let me know if anyone has something they want to part with or has a good suggestion. Thanks.

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    1) steertube size and length?

    2) will a 29 fork not work? one with a shorter A to C length (80mm travel corrected) will be similar to a 27 that is corrected for 100- 120 travel

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    I've owned and ridden the crap out of 2 Carver carbon forks. They're light, stout, stiff forks with aluminum crowns and steerer tubes. They cost between $250-300. so they're not cheapo Chinese ebay items but they're also not high dollar Enve or Niner forks.

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    Hopefully by now you have figured out that you don't need a 27.5 specific fork.

    Here is a cheaper one on ebay

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