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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch

    Valhalla variabilities and ups n downs along the powder highways

    yeah well i'm an add laden slacker so a belated tr shouldn't shock anyone
    so allow me to spin a tale and attempts to share sum stokes
    the crew assembled again to head up bc way eh
    first year a long time member didn't join us
    don't knows if ya still lurk but missed your presence, comradely and friendship a lot, hopes all well for yas wd
    we added a used to post a bit mag splitter whose addition was great
    good solid partner and hut mate R
    much like ifin ya french fry when ya shouda pizzaed
    mphing in the kmh zones gonna be a bad time and 1 cats learned vehicular impoundments gonna potentially harsh your down the pows highway on a back to back hut trippin

    i scored a new rig last year so i gots to drive it this year standard slc-cordalanes super8 overnight

    dutyfree stop over the border to nelson and some canada stuffs i likes

    aint sure if rollin doobers with elan skins makes me spansered
    but props to them for safety swag a bums can use
    Naksup would be our lz base
    cool little town

    next morn showed up at the lz stoked with anticipation ducks in a row

    and just needed to wait for the cloud deck to burn off or rise while getting your chopper safety briefing
    well about noon the realization that the downer of not flying in for the first time in a dozen of these trip is the reality
    and 1/7 of your hut trip just went up in a bunch of lz
    i like stickers so i knew

    so another night in Naksup at the selkirk inn and chili night
    don't frett little piggies your day to fly will come

    and if not its fuckin bunny's fault

    and it did albeit after carlysles drop and afternoon

    flew over the forbiden zone and eyeballed what would be new terrain for most of us

    i'm pretty baked at this point so exiting the chopper with headphones on and this leo guy whose pretty much a dead ringer for splat, removing them for me's my dim recollections
    leo and the bomber hooked us up with a rippin cougar divorcee and goddamits a brit chica who gots to be the most exstreme skier in the hut ifin ya dont gives mr tophers 1/2 the binders bonus points
    both ladies were awesome professional custodians hosts cooks partiers and the kind of people ya wanna spend a weeks company with

    as always the choppers last load and previous weeks occupants depart and the silence of the bc wilderness and anticipation of your week settle in

    unpacked grub and libations o plenty stowed gear and gots the afternoon ups on

    life coach tl and hello kitty spansered brand ambasador rj gits down

    as does a tgr cat

    and mrs. bum gits sum

    before retiring to enjoy a mountain sunset and the cozy well laid out lodge

    and i manned the grill for dinner duties

    and team sar performed a evening beacon retrivial
    well that night winds cranked up like shook the hut cranked up from multiple directions and took our pretty nice playing field and wells

    plural noun: variabilities
    lack of consistency or fixed pattern; liability to vary or change.
    "a great deal of variability in quality"
    would be the word of the weeks
    groups formed n split looking for snow qualities of lesser suckages and scoping terrain

    sheltered turns and overall decent stabilities were encountered

    Vallhallas gots terrain

    we spun a few laps fore R and sfotex dropped lower and took a different up track
    skinned up again later in the afternoon

    winds were cranking and i'm pretty sure we were in single digit temps
    when we topped a pass

    i'm pretty good about pickin battles and despite wanting to go up n over to scope out another pass
    when the better 1/2 wasn't down i agreed to ski another tree lap and head home with her
    while topher cats n our caknucklehead bro johnny wasatch headed up

    probably with a safe travels kids see ya back at the cribs
    well bout o dark thirty we gets a radio call
    john boys lost a ski were on our way home pretty sure of where were at and send team sar with a spare meet us at the base of the skinner up
    team sar dons gear and heads out
    i'm a couple bloodies down chucklin bout givin him shit about din settings and we get another call
    seems there was a slide, full burial with a resuscitation
    and for various reasons that info was chosen to be not relayed at the time
    i'm not going to go into big details second guess anybodies actions or encourage anybodies mmacqbing of a situation they werent part of
    and if it was me youre sure as hell dont need to worry my wife if i'm okay and progressing towards a positive outcome of a shit sit
    the more time i spend doing the thing the more i realize that gettin er right everytimes, trying to outsmart mother natures spatial varibities or any level of training or certs is gonna change the laws of shit hittin a fan not totally feasible
    i'm just gonna go with what steven stills said about neil young introducing him on the live 4 way streets album
    johnny's "been a freind of mine since i really knew what a friend was" and we hung with the same crew back in high school he helped introduce me to the earning of the turn and mentored my immersion into bumship
    and youre friends not dieing either doing what they love or nots has a sobering way of changing your prospectives
    so heres my cliff notes on it
    topher dropped of the peak felt/heard the slide but was not really on it or caught
    johnny got caught knocked over thought he was okay but got buried by a second wave
    cat self arrested and initiated a beacon search as topher booted back up
    they beacon searched to the point of being able to see his outstretched arm visuial clue dig him out and remove the snow from his face and be able to breath again
    which is pretty much text book shit that needs to happen in a positive outcome incident
    kudos my friends and partners
    well then more of us went out brought more layers and got everybody home
    turns out he partially ruptured his achielles but even that didn't stop him from makin some turns later in the week
    did i mention i luvs your big ole canadian ass like cheech loves chong

    and i looks forwards to sharing ups n downs in pursuit of the white rooms again with ya this season brotherman

    next day we headed back out for an morning of its fuckin cold lets ski in the suns fore we go on a ski searching mission
    did i mention

    L shows the one plank in a variability environment has its merits

    and the cats once again blessed to make bday pow turns

    topher and i dropped down to the lake and headed out to check out the slide

    this picture pretty much defines the variability of wind effect encountered
    a week ago, based on the lodges skier logs
    this skinner was a foot or so deep
    now its a foot elavated skinner

    i guess ya only gets 1000 characters and 35 pics not to mention i aint the most creative fuckers so
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    glad your friend had a good outcome
    & thx for posting up
    we're all itching to get on the snow
    nice to see the pics

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    As we approached the slidepath i remember thinking shit thats way bigger than i thought and topher says well i guess were gonna have to change that class 1 designation

    and finding a single skis gonna require some possible divine interventions

    but friends dont let other friends ski gear languish under the snow without trying

    topher and i were about an hour and a couple safety breaks in when the rest of the crew showed up
    everybody with their own idea were it might be

    i poo pooed the organized line and bout another hour in powder pondo had the magic touch got a hit that sounded promising
    lost it but reprobed it

    practiced some conveyor shoveling techniques and scored

    the power and characteristics of moving snow never fails to amaze me

    headed homes for shrooms night as our hutkeepers made dinner and miles of shroom smiles

    next day r sftex toph cats n i decided to attempt the forbidden zone
    if they had named it the milk n cookies or sunshine n buttercups zone i doubts we'd of gone
    but verboten
    oh fuck yeahs i'm in
    puts on the ropes
    n assessed entry

    cut some cornice

    n dropped

    cold as fuck down on the valley floor so we headed back up n outs

    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    Canadian Rockies
    Nice! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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    in the trench
    Cool terrain. Glad you were all ok. I want to ski now

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    bootered outta the cold ass forbidden zone and headed back to celebrated dudes dobs with doobs in the sun

    till sadly the hut radio crackled with more downers
    as our gal pal had blew an acl

    with a little help from her friends and a bunch of right turns she made er home
    consumed greenly

    next morn after a breakfast of eastern bloc nations champions

    mr toasters and i decided well we should probably take what looks like the last bluebird day & check out

    headeded out

    when in vallhalla....

    i likes to let him go 1st dudes a hellofa athelete and photo slut and i can tell how variables it is by the number of knee drops

    did i mention the vallhalla terrain not suckin?

    safely dugs around in the snow for a bit

    id prefer my lemons in cocktails personally

    watched some of them rest of the crew gitten er done across the way

    skinned n bootered up to the ridge again

    sent tophs out to make sure it went cleans enoughs

    and roped da dopes in

    n skied down the varibles vallhalla styles

    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    relly niysce - havin yer so with ya = kooler still

    did you score a ring or two, maybe more?
    "knowledgeable in escapades of the flesh"

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    north aspect
    Alpental Indigenous

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    Great TR. Thanks for keeping it real. Glad everyone made it out (relatively) unscathed.

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    sum gotten

    headed back up to enjoy what would be the last of the bluebirds and banner sunsets

    and another to da lodge vallhalla variable downer

    no matters whats the skiing was like that day the last few steps back to the point of departure are always memorable to me

    and the hut trips always have plenty of things you get to limit the varibilities and just cut to the goods

    there may be shenanigans or they may be life coach lessons

    ya may be kickin it

    or dish doggin that night

    if ya aint stoked and enjoying that part of the experiance
    ya may be doin it wrong
    snows fell graybirds sang ups n downs commenced again

    found sum mur fuckin hoars

    another peaceful snowy night

    and you awake pack your shit clean n help with chores

    i'll take full responsibility for this polishaninagin

    and go eat a bowl of trump dicks if yur triggered

    pack down the lz and await your flight back

    some of us hopin the graybirds would prevent that yellar bird from flying for a redemption day
    but fore ya know it

    your in the air

    some day i'm gonna get outta one of them birds and ski down somethin good but for now i'm content with getting out at any safe lz
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    Yeah dibs!!!! Thanx fir sharing

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    sose for yas know it your back at the lz

    ya help unload and load the next flight

    ya say good byes and make plans
    after last years score at revelstoke and fernie i had planned a couple days on the powder hwy
    topher had the rest of the month off and planned to stay and since johnny was hurt sfotex joined and mph in the kph cat wasn't getting the impounded rental out sowe headed out to get him to cranmore

    pukin pretty hard at that point eh and

    our team always rolls green
    rodgers pass was closed for an hour or so and some more powder filled miles thru the pass and we rolled in to golden bout midnight
    met the cats crew somewhere off the powder hwy sent him off and wished him luck on his next hut adveture
    woke up and saddled up for a kickin horse pow day
    was super sunday

    ascended stairways

    bit of graybird flat light but the sun poked thru

    cheered on the jr extreme groms

    got high on the horse


    got our terminator boot on

    we lost a partner and friend a few seasons ago in a slide outside the resort
    so AL this ones for you

    may we be blessed to continue the this in what we do
    topher drops

    sfotex scores

    consumed sums

    and headed back out

    the amount of terrain = mindboggling

    belled to belled one great day hit the road stopped in golden
    and even though theyre a snowboard shop

    and evidently they dont know where to score poutaine or a sense of humor
    must be a dying sport thing
    started puking again and we hit the highway o pow
    big fat cold smoke blower dendrites falling in a hypnotizing dump
    you would be in the white room for a few second anytime a cross traffic car would pass
    some serious white knuckle white room driving and them blizzack snows proved to be worth every penny
    stopped somewhere to watch the pats super come back
    made it to cranbrook that night

    just kept dumpin

    woke early to try and figure out how we were gonna score turns from ullrs gift
    road to fernie was closed at that point
    hell i think the storm closed amtrack outside whitefish
    the closest resort was kimberly so we loaded up helped push out a few stuck vehicles and hit the hwy again in a quest for pow
    early morning pow day line up was fun pretty chill vibe place reminded me of the beav

    pretty funny hearing the best day of the season/ever and don't get me wrong 48 cm of fresh pows killer
    but being utarded wasanglers well ya know weve scored that dump in inches
    they only had a 50" base at that point so there were some signs of overskied terrain we refer to as moguls
    big ones
    sfotex said you could ski cut em
    only one thing to do crank that shit to 11 and try n just ski the tops of em thank jah the snow was soft and deep enough
    for my old man avoid them bumps ass to pull it off and i chuckled knowing my ill advised yeti zipperliner would smile
    kind of a funky layout
    if ya got off the easter trip

    ya ended up lower mountain and an old school moving at spark 2 joints speed double

    had a scare as i came into a cat track hot and a lady in front of me decided to stop before drop
    i remember thinking no dont and think i got a warning out and she was braced for impact as i fright trained her
    thankfully a broken pole was the only damage
    she kept apologizing and i kept apologizing as i was the uphill skier
    this was her 1st day back after an early season acl surgery and i'm stoked beyond belief that we both skied away without much damage.
    finally caught back up to the crew and we

    pretty funny as both topher and i seperately
    found the only extreme mini golf pillow lines buried in the middle of a couple blue squares
    by then we needed to git back on the road
    thankfully we stopped at the bar and got the road closed bypass short cut from the tender
    said goodbyes, safe travel, good cougar hunting and ullrs blessing to mr toaster and sfotex and i started the road home
    rolled into Missoula late and whooped sucked down the bong waters and substance

    hit the road again and sfotex and i took turns white knucklin down the hwy o pow till it turned to slush around pocotello
    with a jmcm soundtrack

    till we made er home
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    ski on in eternal peace

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    In the shadow of the wasatch
    Fucking epic

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