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    Work Road Trip--WWMD

    I live in Durango, and have to be in SLC first thing Monday morning, then Grand Junction Tuesday afternoon (2ish) and then Montrose Wednesday morning.

    I know Moab very well, but have never ridden in the wasatch nor have I been to Fruita or GJ for riding.

    I like moab (who doesn't) but the crowds bum me out.

    So my current plan is:

    Leave home saturday afternoon. camp somewhere close to town...maybe Ken's lake. I haven't ridden Pipe Dreams so maybe hit that up in the evening before it gets dark.

    Sunday, wake up and ride porcupine from town as a loop from town. It's been years since i've ridden pocrupine and I do like climbing! Drive to SLC.
    I have a hotel downtown SLC Sunday night.

    Monday is game-on work all day. 8-6ish.

    Monday night...up in the air. I stay in SLC. eat good food, stay in the same hotel, and leave early the next morning.

    I'm tempted to bail, get to Green River or somewhere, stay in a motel, and then be able to get to GJ/Fruita early enough to ride for 2-3 hours before I have to be in the lab by 2ish.

    Weds morning, game-on again, but should be done by noon. Thinking of hitting up the RAT trails in Ridgway before headed over the passes for home.

    Advice sought:
    -Should I skip Moab all together and ride in the wasatch Sunday? If that's the case, where can I car-camp (back of truck style) nearby?
    -What to eat in SLC! I love good food and beer, but prefer ethnic or "secret" places to super expensive and ritzy. I'm staying at the Hotel Monaco downtown.
    -If I only had 2-3 hours to ride on Tuesday Morning/afternoon...where should I go? out of my way to Fruita? Lunch Loops? be specific, please!
    -I'd like to stay (hotel, expense report!) in Montrose Tuesday night so I'm close to the clinic, for weds morning.

    Anything I should eat/ride/sleep/drink? what do I do????

    thanks for your advice!!

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    Unfortunately, the weather here looks like it's going to be shitty mid-Saturday through mid-Monday, with Sunday being the worst day. I'd stick with riding Moab. If you've never ridden Bobsled sneaking in a Dry Creek-Bobsled lap before you leave town Tuesday morning wouldn't suck. That trail is infamous for a reason.

    Food suggestions:

    Indian - Himalayan Kitchen (Afghan Kitchen is also killer, but way down Main around 31st south. Just the type of place it sounds like you would like, though)
    Thai - Chanon
    Eclectic tapas/small plates type shit - Tin Angel
    Sushi - Takashi (leans heavily towards expensive and ritzy, but damn is it good)
    BBQ - R&R
    Deli fare - Caputos

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    You could go thru Montrose/GJ on the way up too, since you've never ridden there but have been to Moab lots.

    Ride RAT on Saturday afternoon. Any one of 18 Road, Kokopelli or Lunch loops can fill an entire day on Sunday. Personally I always maximize riding so I'd head down to Green River/Price or even back to GJ on Monday night. There is a trail network near Price that I noticed for the first time on Trailforks. Since it is right on your way back down it could be a good ride option. Goodwater Rim is also easily accessed from Hwy 6, good for a 2-2.5 hr ride and has free camping. Getting to GJ Monday night and riding Lunch Loops Tuesday am would give you more ride time being so close to town. Ride whatever you have time for Weds. Palisade Rim looks fun and is maybe 10 miles out of the way from GJ. Sidewinder between Montrose and Delta is also pretty fun. MTB Project has the best info on that one. Start near south end and do out and back or loop, then drop down Eagle to end the ride. Or ride RAT again.

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    Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant and Market for SLC ethnic.
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    The Horsefly Brewery in Montrose is absolutely worthy of a stop. They've got good eats, too.

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    My new go-to spot downtown is Curry Fried Chicken. It’s a halal fried chicken spot.

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    Hey I am free Monday the 6th through Sunday. Would love to ride w you and catch up. Leaving Salt.lake Sunday noon, heading towards Moab.

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    Changed my plans and went on a ride with some friends here in durango. Leaving early in the AM, hitting up Klondike (new trail? Alaska?) on my way up.

    Monday driving to price area.
    Tuesday fruita.

    What should I ride in fruita?! I have 2 hrs, and have never been there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech Tonics View Post

    What should I ride in fruita?! I have 2 hrs, and have never been there.
    Do Horsethief and surrounding trails. It's right off the highway (Loma exit), and way more interesting than 18 Rd. trails. Lots of options to make the ride as long or short as you want.
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