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    Level One Avalanche Course Reco's, Boulder


    So I bought the gear two seasons ago, I practiced with my beacon with friends, spent a few days in the backcountry (super low danger days in the spring) and I've been reading from Snow Sense and Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain.

    I'm officially hooked on backcountry skiing and I'm signing up for a level one avalanche course for three reasons (in order of importance)

    1) To further my knowledge of avalanche risk and the Colorado snow pack.

    2) To gain some credentials so that I have more backcountry partner options. Friends who know me ski with me already, but I'm looking for more partners and having a course under my belt helps attract the right kind of partner.

    3) To meet guides and other skiers at the course.

    I've been looking at the Colorado Mountain School offerings, any advice on course format (3 full days vs night classroom sessions + 2 field days) or when to go? I want to get the most from the course and meet the best teachers and students, so I'm trying to be strategic with my scheduling.

    Any other schools in the Boulder area I should be looking at?

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    I did CMS and the three days in RMNP and would highly recommend.

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