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    Volkl BMT 90 - who has skied it (and also skied BMT 94 and ZeroG 95)

    Really love my BMT/Vwerks construction skis. Got some Vwerks Katanas last year and they are one of my favorite skis to tour on ever, even if a little heavier than my normal preference in that category.

    Got some BMT 94s for harder and mixed snow and though I liked them, I only loved them when there was soft snow (ie- when I'd prob pick the Katanas). I did not like the full rocker on hard and mixed snow, surprise surprise. When I saw the BMT 90 this year with camber underfoot, plus a good deal on a pair, I bit.

    Someone tell me I made a really good decision. Somebody tell me they feel just like ZeroGs with a little more damp in the tip. Somebody just tell me anything about your experiences on them.

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    I ski the katanas as well, but in all conditions, including firm.
    I find that they have a good edge hold. And of course in less than perfect snow, shush, wind affected, crust, etc, they do really well.

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    Any udates?
    I do like mye 94s, but I've wished for a slightly softer flex and trad camber/tail. Looks and feels like the 90s are pretty much excactly what I've been looking for. They won their category in swedish mag Åka Skidor, but that's all I've heard so far.

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