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    Snowbird opening tmrw? Or reemphasizing their terrain's available to ski?

    Not quite sure what to make of this. Coldsmoke texted me that with all the recent new snow, the bird is opening tomorrow. Of course you've got to buy a lift ticket (tram I presume) and sign a liability waiver that you'll pay for your own rescue if you screw up.

    I'm not clear on how that's different from any other time of the summer and fall when I take skis on the tram after signing the same waiver. But the last time I did it was the 4th of July. So maybe something changed after July and they haven't been allowing it? And now they are again?
    On the other hand, if there's been no policy change, it means this is something one can do any day already. Anybody know why they'd be announcing they are opening if they've already been open?
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    Because all the skiers got a hard on when it started to snow again. We have begun the 17/18 snow season which is fucking exciting. Some of us can't keep it in our pants though so there is an opportunity to capatilize on people who are just a little too eager to ski. That or they actually got a fuck load of snow that's worth skiing and they wanted to advertise it.

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