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    Inguinal hernia - time to recover?

    I was an idiot and pushed it too hard in the gym with poor form last night. After deadlifts, I immediately realized I popped a hernia (wtf is the proper terminology?) Went to the physician today - she said "yup, that's a hernia. Here's a surgeon who can help."

    I have a consult on Monday, and I'm trying wrap my head around this whole process.

    Do any mags have advice, insight, or suggestion? I'm hoping that I can be on skis by the time snow starts flying...

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    I had an inguinal hernia at age 19. 4 of us were loading a live torpedo into the bomb bay of a Navy sub hunter out on Adak AK. 2 guys slipped on the ice and fell down, leaving me and another guy holding a 800+ pound live torpedo. Dropping it was not an option. I felt a big tug in my groin, I figured I pulled a muscle. Next morning my nutz were the size of a basketball. Other guys in in the barracks said "Dude, we told you not to mess with those bar girls when we were in the Philippines !". Went to sick bay, diagnosis inguinal hernia. Got medevaced to the Naval Hospital in Oakland CA for surgery, then sent home for 30 days convalescent leave, followed by 30 days light duty. Been good as new ever since.
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    No problem skiing this season. A week or two to walk, sit, stand without significant pain, 4-6 for full activity--skiing, lifting etc without medication. There may be some swelling and tenderness to touch and some twinges of pain for as long as a year or two but nothing that should interfere with activity.

    Or you might recover faster--had a skinny kid who worked in a warehouse who wanted to go back to work in a week. I told him to lift the electric cautery--150# or so. He did, so back to work. (If you work for yourself off work 1-2 days, if you work for someone else 1-2 weeks, if you work for the state 1-2 months.)

    The lifting didn't cause the hernia, just made it apparent. The defect was already there--lifting pushed the bowel out through the defect. The biggest strain on the abdominal muscles is coughing and sneezing. Which brings up a key point in recuperation--do not let children or anyone with a cold anywhere near you until the pain is mostly gone. Take your narcotics and antiinflammatories on a schedule for the first few days--hard to control the pain if you let it get bad. Lots of fruits and vegetables and fluids--don't let yourself get constipated.

    The main risk of hernia surgery is chronic pain--reported to be as high as 10% but that hasn't been my experience. Much lower I think, especially as surgeons have become more aware of the problem. Not something to worry about but be aware and if you are having persistent pain let your surgeon know.
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    Like others have said, you'll be back up to speed by the time the snow starts.

    I had one repaired a few years ago. I was up and mostly normal after a week or so, with a couple more before I felt good doing strenuous activity. For a year or two I would occasionally feel something. Not pain, just an "oh, yeah, I have some mesh in my groin." Now I don't feel anything.

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