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    The length of time it takes to get back to normal activity after hernia repair is highly variable. Hope the 3-4 weeks works for you. You'll probably hear from someone who was back to crossfit in a week and someone who was off desk work for 2 months. Good point about getting into skiing shape before you ski--you lose it a lot faster than you get it back. Good luck.

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    Hernia Update

    Hello All,

    I figured I would give a 7 week update as we head into ski season. Unfortunately I havnt skied yet as weíre having a terrible year in the Midwest (again). I have however been working out in prep for an Alta/Snowbird trip in early Feb.

    Bottom line is that I was back to normal activities around the middle of week 2 (working, travel, long walks) but it took til about week 4 to start any real physical activity and I didnít start bodyweight leg workouts until weeks 5/6. Currently, possibly due to the bodyweight workouts Iím doing, Iím still feeling stiffness and soreness in the general area almost 2 months out. I donít think it will keep me from skiing at all but Iím a bit surprised Iím not fully back. I have read that I can take up to 6 months to be fully there. Either way, the timelines you read online were pretty much right.

    Even though there here is some soreness post 5 weeks it hasnít stopped me from cycling, light running, body weight workouts, swimming, and jumping. I now look to skiing as well and will report any problems.

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