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    You're very welcome. It's always nice to hear that someone has gotten some use out of one of my templates.

    Let me look. I've got a second pair of Warden MNC demo's that need mounting, though I might not get to it for a few weeks - depends on a few things. [I can also do another test mount on a 2x4.]

    The center line is something I'm not surprised about. It's really hard to get that super-exact, and then verify it. I thought it was pretty close. [But my reckoning was that a couple/few mm probably isn't something to get very concerned about.]

    Anyway - let me look at the details you've sent when I get a chance and see what I think.
    You might PM me your email addy - it might make discussing it a little easier.


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    I was going to do this via email, but thought it might be good to do it here. I'll email you a notice, in case you're not sub'd to the thread. [Sorry for getting your email addy, and doing a bait and switch on you.]

    So, let me address the issues you raise.
    1) The easiest: Boot center.
    Your measurements certainly look right - though +/- a single mm when eyeballing it, would be terribly easy to do. Plus the mark on the ski isn't always accurate, and the guy who placed the jig could have easily been off a little. So, when we add up all those small margins, I don't think there's any particular version I could side with as being more authoritatively accurate. [IIRC, I got the measurements I put in the template, for boot center, from someone who did have the jig.]

    So, I could change the boot center forward or back a mm or two - but I don't think that's going to change anyone's skiing experience at all. If I thought one was more authoritative, I'd be glad to do it. But the change is so small, it would require re-doing the template, it's not going to improve the skiing etc. It just doesn't seem worth doing.

    2) The spacing on the heel piece
    I've got a second Warden here that I'm going to mount in the next few days. I've printed the template and put it under the heel piece. The heel piece is quite thick, so it's hard to eyeball it carefully/accurately - but it's *SUPER* close to a match, if not exact. It might be 0.25-0.5mm off, but honestly, I can't imagine Soly using 32.75/32.5mm as a width. [And I'd bet good money they're not an even 1mm off.] And I can't imagine the spacing for front set is different than the rear set, either.

    Part of what makes it a little tricky, is that the rear mounts are on those odd sliding pieces.

    So, I guess my verdict is that the heel screw spacing really is 33mm for both sets. [Or exceedingly close, at least according to these old eyes.]

    I dunno - I'm not married to 33mm being the only answer - but of the two bindings I've examined, 33mm just looks like the most accurate representation. And my mount to real skis sure seemed fine too.

    Can you do a test mount to a 2x4 and see if you still think things need changing after that? I'll do the same.

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    Greg, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I think you're right about the boot center!

    It looks like my 'reference' QST 106 has its plates mounted about 2mm forward of center. While out skiing this weekend I had the chance to check out another QST 106 with MNC 13 demos, using my pass as a ruler (it's all I had ) it appeared that the heel plate was mounted about 2mm further back than mine.

    I now have a QST 106 and a QST 99 mounted 2mm infront of the line . Your template is correct!

    For the heel plate I ended up using a hole distance of 32mm and 33mm for the front and back holes, respectively. It appeared to line up well on a 2x4 so I ended up using that on the skis.

    I'd post pictures but Imgur isn't cooperating, maybe another day.

    Thanks again for taking the time to make the template!

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    Quick reply -

    I've been so busy, I've not had time to update this.
    I have a new template, and I'll try to put it up ASAP.

    However, after doing a new mount, both on 2x4 and skis - I think you're right. I've changed the template to 32mm width on the front-screws of the heel piece, and 33mm on the back-screws.

    Thanks for pushing me on this, because I think this will be a better template because of it.


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