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    TR: Biking the Gulf Islands

    Left Missoula after work and pulled in late to a campground we stumbled across at the fairgrounds in Ritzville. Nice thick green grass and only a few goonies.

    Up with the sun on Friday and drove to Seattle.

    20170811_140001 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Pupusas along the water and a bike through Ballard. Traffic on I-5 and pull into Anacortes for dinner. Camp near the ferry terminal.

    20170811_191708 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Walk on the Sidney ferry first thing in the morning. Always fun to start a trip.

    20170812_080559 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Gear for the trip: Specialized Carve and a Cannondale Trail 1, both with slicks, seat bags, and frame bags. Mine had a bar bag and the Cloud Cultettes had a Bob trailer. At the last minute we decided Lil Cloud Cult would pedal a tagalong and not his 16 inch Kona; good choice, it turned out.

    20170812_110553 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Ferry to Sidney, granted access to Canada, lunch on the water, bike across town, and a ferry to Mayne Island.

    20170812_172311 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20170813_092128 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Next day, bike around and ferry to Pender Island.

    20170814_172720 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Camp in a damp spot in the national park.

    After two days, take the ferry to Galliano Island.

    20170816_085950 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20170815_095554 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Have a flat which I can't seem to fix, but a fellow biker in the campground gives me a 700c tube, which works great. Growing weary of the islands' uncompromisingly steep roads, and would really appreciate a shower, but the kid and the Cloud Cultette love the secluded beaches, so we press on.

    Ferry to Salt Spring Island. Ride around too-cute Ganges and have burgers by the marina -- our only break from camp food so far. After a week of empty roads, the harried traffic on Salt Springs was annoying. Press on to Ruckle Provincial Park and for one day do no biking.

    20170817_192741 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Ferry back to Swartz Bay. I think the kid is stoked to grow up and be one of those guys who direct cars on to ferries.

    20170819_075637 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Lunch again waterside in Sidney, ferry to Anacortes, sort and pack gear, and have loads of fun in Seattle.

    20170819_172521 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Cool city, but drives you nuts after a while, too.

    Detour off 90 and through Yakima and spend the night at the Red Lion in Pasco. Glorious shower.

    Had realized earlier we'd be within driving distance of the eclipse, so why not. Find the narrowest road on our Rand McNally and follow it up along the John Day. Camp in a pullout with a dozen others here for the same reason.

    20170821_102317 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Jack in the Box back in Pasco and home by 10. Ended up biking around 120 miles, but encountered an average of 1,000 vertical feet of climbing per 10 miles -- funky island roads. This was the first time I used a Bob -- like its smooth ride and ability to haul gear, but definitely did not like the way it couples to the bike's rear axle -- seems too easy to have the trailer jackknife and bend the axle. Anyway, good times.

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    Cool Trip Man.. Your kid is Lucky

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    I'm not a part of a redneck agenda

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    Great place to bike. I did a long bike trip in the Gulf Islands after getting my heart broken in 1979. Found odd jobs along the way, stayed with some folks I met a few different times.

    In those days I could pull off the road, usually on a beach, pitch a tent or build a lean-to, have a fire and enjoy. The Gulf islands, whether by land or sea is really one of the most spectacular places anywhere.
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    Nice trip. Wish I had seen this prior to your trip. I grew up going to Galiano almost every year since 1969. My grandparents retires to the island. Lived a half mile up the road from Sturdies Bay ferry terminal. Looks like you were camping at Montague. Love that spot and the shell beach there. While Galiano is hilly, you get used to it. Used to do rides up island and back for exercise.

    My brother lived on Saltspring for a year or two in the late 80ís. He referred to it as a navigation hazard. Lovely place to visit, but drives you crazy to live there.

    I loved Galiano and it broke my heart when my parents eventually sold it in 2010. I think it is a B&B or VRBO now at least in the guest house.

    Looks like an awesome trip.
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