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    Quote Originally Posted by FLYBOYMATTHEW View Post
    I'll second that. Purchased a closeout Dakine midlayer for from Evo at an extreme discount, and a seam came apart on the inside hem of the jacket after a couple uses. Dakine told me to keep the jacket anyway, and gave me a credit for the full MSRP to use on ony of their products on their online store.
    Good to hear. I looked into a warranty on a dakine water bladder that broke at the bite valve with very little use and they responded months later explaining another company makes the water bladder they use in their backpacks and to contact them. Thought that was weak.

    Oh the zipper broke? We donít actually make the zippers, only the logo patch

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    Not necessarily ski gear but it is warm wear. Duluth Trading. I only slightly complained to them about a pair of pants that had worn unexpectedly in one spot. They sent me a new pair no questions asked. I tried to send them a picture and then they offered the free pair as a response to that. They actually just asked to confirm my address and it was done. Blown away by that level of service.

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    Smith did me right last season when I found these weird grey spots on the top of my helmet (only one season old) that looked like the plastic was degrading. They asked me to send it in and then they replaced it, no questions asked.

    Good customer service paid off. Went to upgrade my goggles for this season and I knew where I was going.

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    North Face. Got sodomized by my jester heel and ripped my ass off of my 3 year old north face pants. Emailed them said they couldnít give me a discount or replace them, told me to call. Called customer service he told me that they could take $10 off a new pair. Bought a new pair and they never charged my credit card. When the pants came had a north face sticker in the box. Still wearing those pants its been 3 years

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    Props to...rad customer service / warranty experiences

    I wrote G3 about the differences between the updated Zed and the original I purchased last year. They asked me to mail in my heels so they could upgrade them with the newer beefier parts. I got them back a week after, cleaned up and ready to rip. Pretty stoked on that service.

    eta: i canít tell if they just shipped me new heels. theyíre so clean, the risers look new, no screw wear in the back....
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    Went to the Moment factory w/ a pair of Swiss Cheesed OG Bibby's and Fasa spent like an hour finding a clear spot to mount my Pivots... solid guys who make solid skis.

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    MagLite sure did me right.

    I sent back two ~20 y/o lights for rebuild. Really psyched. They’ve been through lots of adventures. It was like Christmas when UPS showed up.
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    Wolftooth components.
    I totally messed up modifying a rubber tool sleeve for an in-handlebar tool system, and cut too much material off. I copped to it and asked there advice, and they sent me a $30 sleeve kit no charge.
    And they make great stuff!
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    The Great -

    Arcteryx (again (and again). Had a Beta AR, little use but about 10 years old that was delamming at the bottom at the cinch elastic. Sent it in and they said "gheesh, we're real busy, can we just give you a new one so it doesn't take so long. FKNA - really?. Yeah sure, just pick out a color.

    Then, since I loved the old cardinal red, I asked if they'd send the old one back, as I'm OK using heat tape. They said "sure".

    This isn't my first warranty issue with my Arc gear, and they've always been awesome.

    The shitty-

    Mountain Hardware. Sent in my Beryllium jacket for repair (again delam), and they said "sorry, too old". (Gotta love them "lifetime" warranties). Now this is a jacket that has extremely little use, and looks virtually brand new. I called and they said the same thing. Gee, thanks guys. I got it back, and again went to town with my heat tape, and it works fine.

    No more Mountain Hardware for me.

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    I know itís been said before but Iíll reiterate - Freeride Systems. Tore a hole in my jacket, reached out to find out the best repair method to use with the jacket material and they sent me a patches, instructions on how to install said patches as well as a step by step example using a tear similar to the one I had based on photos I provided them. All of this on their dime and shipped to Canada. Yeah, Iíll use them again for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woolie12 View Post
    The Great -

    Arcteryx (again (and again). Had a Beta AR, little use but about 10 years old that was delamming at the bottom at the cinch elastic. Sent it in and they said "gheesh, we're real busy, can we just give you a new one so it doesn't take so long. FKNA - really?. Yeah sure, just pick out a color..
    yeah they don't bother fixing that ^^ I just sent one in for that cinch elastic at the bottom and a broken zip

    the store i sent it thru did comment that the ductape GF used to hold it together invalidates the warranty,

    GF had found the beta so there was no bill and she couldn't believe i got warranty
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