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    FS: PM Gear Kusala Pow, full carbon, two mounts

    So I bought these "carbon Renegades" from MiCol last season for $300 and never mounted them, but keep on scoring deals on more pow skis and the quiver is getting out of hand again. They weigh 1,910g each, so they're carbon for sure. Bases and edges are in perfectly good condition. Here's the original ad and photos:

    Aside from milling two screw stubs flat on one ski (looks like MiCol had to drill some of the screw heads off to remove the Beasts), I haven't touched them. After receiving the skis, I found wrinkles in the carbon topsheet where the tip spacers meet the sidewall and some of the core. (If you look really closely at MiCol's close-up photo of the tips, and you can see two wrinkles on the right ski and one wrinkle on the left.) When you flex the tips, the wrinkles bulge out a bit. MiCol didn't notice these small delams prior to shipment, and in typical cool mag form, refunded half the payment.

    I took the skis to a carbon composite engineer I know, and he said if I can fill the wrinkles with epoxy and lock the carbon fibers in place, the skis should be structurally sound and just fine. I have an auto windshield repair kit on the way, which I can use to create a vacuum in the wrinkles to draw in G/Flex epoxy.

    So I've got two deal options (prices are firm):
    • If you want them as-is and repair them yourself (or say f-it and just ski them), I can do exactly what I have in them and pass along the deal: $150 plus $25 shipping.
    • If you want me to epoxy the wrinkles prior to shipment, $225 plus shipping.

    I also have one brand-new, undrilled carbon Kusala blem (no graphics) that I bought in case the tip of one of the skis gave me trouble, which I could throw in for another $75 if you want a backup.
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    Yeah, Utah. It's wedged in between Wyoming and Nevada. You've seen pictures of it, right?

    So after 15 years we finally made it to Utah.....

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    I will get in line. 2nd if whyturn passes.

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