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    My B-I-L has a sliding glass door and installed a dog door insert thing. You could buy that and instead of the dog door part at the bottom, install the ducts there. But IMHO, the bedrooms are the best for the AC anyway for white noise, sleeping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidog View Post
    I rip off every fucking mattress tag too. Fuck them.
    This explains so much about you.

    You stick it to those bureaucrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neufox47 View Post
    This explains so much about you.

    You stick it to those bureaucrats!
    You obviously are too stupid to get a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skideeppow View Post
    trying to purchase an ac unit or two for a rental condo. 2 bedroom 2 bath. No place for a vent in the living room because there is only a door, and a large glass sliding door/window.
    two bedrooms are small, but they have windows that will work.

    Any thoughts? i know there are some units that dont need a vent, work like a swamp cooler. Any ideas on these?

    You want a mini split unit. The ac guys run their line set to each room along with a power wire. I've seen single compressors running up to three head units. You could have a head/fancoil unit in each bedroom and the living room. The head unit recirculates the air in the room. No need for venting to the outside. Call Climate Control

    You'd have drywall damage on the inside unless all the lines could be run on the exterior and be covered with flashing (ugly)

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