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    Eagle Peak, Yellowstone National Park

    I work on Yellowstone Lake for the fisheries department, and spend every day for 5-6 months of the year looking at the section of the Absorkas that make the up eastern skyline from the lake. Last summer, I hiked all the peaks from Eagle Pass to Sylvan Pass as the final two days of a 13 day hike I did mostly south of the park, and thought the area would make for a fun ski trip, if I ever got the time. Work got delayed a week this year due to ice (and lots of snow!), so I decided I'd try and give it a go.

    About ten minutes out of the parking lot, I came across tracks from this unique, large weasel.
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    I stayed up on the crest and summited a few peaks before making camp, then started the next day by cruising long valleys that were covered in fresh griz tracks.
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    The view to the south from the summit of Eagle Peak! I was hoping to ski the north face, but it looked very firm and I couldn't get a look into the choke, so I had to settle for perfect corn turns down the south and west faces, after starting from right next to the summit register. There was only one other entry in the register from the past year, and a single page in this one contains all two of the register entries I have ever made. Kind of cool that this high point isn't as heavily loved as many others--it's definitely more of a wilderness experience than a +10 rad points on your checklist sort of thing.
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    I got lots of fragmented views of the lake throughout the tour, as well as views of a lifetime of xc exploring in the lower valleys.
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    I almost got my fill of beautiful ridgeline cruising, but I do not think that will ever be possible.
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    I knew it would snow a little on the last evening and ski out, but the storm ended up being a bit more potent than anticipated. 8-10" of new when I woke up in the morning with moderate snow and low vis made me nix plans to ski a couple more mountains on the way back, but it was pretty cool to cruise quietly through fresh snow all day. I even hung out at the car for a while and enjoyed a little more quiet, because the road had been shut down.
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    Nice work, dood. Pics are purty. I'd like to come join you in the park one of these years.

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    Helltown, MT
    Cool TR. Thanks.

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    Awesome!! You crash at the Howell Ck cabin? I built those stairs...Strong TR thanks!
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    Awesome adventuring dude! You weren't kidding back in early April or so when you said the real ski season had just begun!
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    Beautiful place.
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    Sweet TR. Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ernest_Hemingway View Post
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    Nice trip report! I skied a couloir/gully off the backside of Mount Washburn a few years ago and surprised quite a few people back after getting to the parking lot with ski gear on

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    Those are motivating pics man!! Haven't been out since June. I need to gets my summer ski on.

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