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Thread: Japow guiding

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    Japow guiding

    Hey, I am looking for a guide for next winter in Japan. Here are some of the details.

    1 week training from Dec 27-Jan 2 (depart the U.S. on Dec 26 and arrive Japan on the 27th). Terrain familiarization for 6 days on Dec 28-Jan 2.

    Tail guide on 3 trips (Jan 3-9, 12-18, 21-27), participate on 2 non guided trips (more familiarization) (Jan 30-Feb 5, Feb 8-14) and lead guide 2 trips (Feb 17-23, Feb 26-Mar 4).

    So "participating" means not guiding or tail guiding, but skiing, scouting and getting familiar with the areas the guide will be taking clients to on the last 2 trips. As opposed to sticking to the predictable routes, these 2 weeks will be a chance to experiment and discover new areas without having to take potentially under prepared clients in the zones as well.

    The idea with the new guide this year is to train and get really familiar with the mountains this year so that they can come back next year and be proficient. Of the entire 2 months, the guide will tail-guide and train for 1.5 months, then guide only 2 trips assisted by a driver. We're investing 1.5 months of training into this new guide (about $5000 between flights, accommodation, and lift tix alone) so we really need someone who is going to come back in future years.

    This is not a backcountry ski guide position. We ski mostly lift accessed sidecountry, where we leave gates at top of resorts, try to ski the best snow and traverse back in. If the resort is empty and has great snow we might even just do inbounds runs for awhile. That being said, touring skis and the ability to do short tours with clients is important.

    Avalanche training or patrol experience.
    WFR, EMT, OEC or other medical training
    Personable, loves people, as you might spend up to 15 hours per day worth clients.
    Advanced/expert skier
    Likes to have fun, eat delicious food and soak in onsens!!!

    I would love to get together and maybe go for a tour this spring to get to know each other, so let me know if you can make that happen. I'm in Big Sky MT buy will be in a few other locations this spring.

    PM a resume or even just some sentences about your experience and desire to do this for a few seasons and we can jump on a call or Skype call soon!

    Thanks! Enjoy spring!

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    Pmd you

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    I know someone who could be a really good fit - passed this along

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