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    Quote Originally Posted by Summit View Post
    Hafjell is a cool place!
    Yes. I worked there for a season after college. Cool valley and close enough to Oslo.

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    duct tape is soooo 20th century ...... get Gorilla Tape;
    superior in all ways, especially when wet and cold;
    and yes, im spancered .......
    "we all do dumb shit when we're fucked up" mike tyson

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    This year I've added an emergency sleeping bag that doubles as a sled/shelter. Bought a Spot for myself as a Christmas gift to my family. Separated my first aid kit into a "Oh Shit" and "Oh F*CK" bags and clearly labeled everything so that if I'm down someone can hopefully figure shit out. Added a complete dyna toe plus epoxy and a ratcheting screwdriver. Bailing wire has its definite uses. 30ft length of 6mm rope and a few lockers.

    I have the parts in my BC shovel to make a rescue sled out of my skis, but I'm stupidly hesitant about drilling holes for it into the nice new pairs skis I'm running. Soon.

    After skinning long distances has become my new norm, it is humbling to try and go 200 m without skis in deep snow. You are on a smaller boat in a vastly bigger sea than you assume just a few miles out from your car, should something go wrong. Guy I was learning from tonight in a course had a good adage - They say your pack gets heavier the older you get because you eventually start carrying the shit you actually need after enough rough learning experiences.

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    What is the pack weight up to now? 30 lbs or so? I carry 1/2 z rest pad. Former wilderness medicine doc and ski partner of mine (until I lost him to Grandfatherhood) said that hypothermia is usually significant problem with bc injuries. Pad is also helpful if you have to bivy. Weighs nothing.

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