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  • Tyrolia/Head/4FRNT Attack

    24 18.60%
  • Look/Rossignol Pivot/FKS

    70 54.26%
  • Salomon/Atomic STH2 WTR

    35 27.13%
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    Attack 16 has more metal than the 13, and attack 18 has more metal than the 16. 16s are pretty bulletproof though.

    Main difference between attacks and Attack2 is the toe is now GripWalk compatible. Thatís it.

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    Look SPX 12 works for me, best price to performance ratio. Same toe as Pivot, heel is easier to step in powder. Like em better than STH2, and less money. The only thing I don't like is the tabbed forward pressure adjustment. The STH worm gear is much better there.

    The other bonus of SPX is the flatter ramp angle. STH2 is higher stack and more ramp which doesn't work as well with most boot/ski combos for me.

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    Salomon or Rossignol for me, cause they both have a toe release which is not purely horizontal. The plastic rossignol toes release in such a way that you can sometimes feel your toe coming out and transition onto the rollers - occasionally, this leaves you with enough time to slam the toe of your boot back straight while still skiing. Salomon toes do not give this sensation when releasing. Not really better or worse, just different - you're in the binding until you're not. It feels like they have more elastic travel, since you don't transition onto the rollers before releasing. Rossignol metal toes are probably good too, but they are boat anchors compared to the plastic ones.

    FKS heels do feel smoother during vertical release than most bindings. To me, it does feel like they have more elastic travel than traditional style heels. People say that the short mounting pattern allows the ski to flex more naturally, which is probably true, but I'm not convinced that is a good thing or if it actually makes any noticeable difference. Just good marketing if you ask me.

    I usually use older Salomons, cause they are cheaper and lighter than a FKS.

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    The Attack2 toe moved the wing pivots way forward, making the wings much longer. I'll wager the Attack2 has the most horizontal elasticity of any transverse-spring toe, probably by a lot. (I haven't taken any measurements though.)

    Many other bindings make toe wings appear long, but have rollers much closer to the pivot. The distance from the roller to the pivot determines the effective wing sweep, and how much elastic travel there is.
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