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    Dolomites Via Feratta

    Heading to the Dolomites late June to do some Via Feratas.
    Looking for ideas. We have both guide books, but the choices are a bit overwhelming.
    Some paramaters:
    • Would like to do some hut-to-hut, rather than just out and back.
    • Would like to some some of hard (ish) routes. We haven't climbed in a bit, but both have strong trad backgrounds- mostly moderate, but comfortable with exposure, etc.
    • Bonus points for a loop, or something with an easy return, either to a rental car, or to a place where we stored some gear.

    Any thoughts?

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    My wife and I spent a week there two summers ago going hut to hut hiking and completing various via ferrata routes. Really really fun trip, we will go back, one of the best trips we've ever done and we travel a lot. The food was amazing, the huts were amazing, the Dolomites are truly amazing. We were there a week and barely scratched the surface of all that is possible. I don't currently have access to all of our information so let me get back to you this weekend with more details on the routes we did and the huts we booked.
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    Hiked the Alta Via 2. Great experience. Challenging, well maintained trails. Great hut network, and the most affordable way to travel Europe. Although there were lots of protected parts of our hike, we didn't even bother to bring via feratta gear and didn't need it. If you're looking for some serious via feratta, you'll probably want to stay away from the popular longer trails in the region.

    Most of the huts were operated by the Italian Alpine Club (or whatever their official name is.) They offer a discount if you're a member. Depending on the length of your stay, it may be worthwhile to join the club.

    We flew in/out of Venice, which was both fun and a hassle.

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    If you want to do via ferrata from hut to hut then the "via delle bocchette" is your thing. It is not really in the Dolomites but the "Brenta" but you might not notice the difference if your not a geography nerd. They speak italian though...

    Late June can in some years still be snowy up there but normally it should be ok. I stayed one week on the Brentei hut for alpine climbing and it was very nice (as it was almost empty). Italian huts in general are all great for food.

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