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    TR March 4.5 Rogers Pass BC

    A taste of touring Rogers during a storm cycle.
    After a powder day at Revelstoke and not too stoked to wait in the long weekend lifelines I headed up to Rogers Pass last Saturday with 3 feet of new snow.. My partner didn't like the avalanche forecast so I headed out alone figuring I could find a group to tag along with or just meadow skip on some ridges in trees . Ended up touring up the Ursus area with a couple from Montana. Once we crossed the Grizzly slide path we went up Teddy Bear trees. There was a well established skin track and other groups ahead so I left the couple behind . About 1200 feet up a group came down really freaked out that they had been caught in a slide that took out the skin track and one guy said he was partially buried and lost his ski. They were scared enough that they didn't search too much for his ski and took off. I was not at a good spot to transition so I headed up a little further. I was transitioning when a Canadian guy came up that said he had been lapping that area. So I went up a bit further with him in a low angle meadow that seemed low enough angle to be safe and skied down.

    Snow at the parking lot
    DSC_3833 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    Skin track
    DSC_3825 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    DSC_3830 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    Day 2
    My buddy Aaron needed little convincing after the Saturday lift lines at Revy and avy danger had fallen to considerable in the alpine decided to join me. The sun actually made an appearance and we headed for Ursus Trees.

    me on the highway up the creek drainage
    DSC_3857 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    DSC_3846 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    Trail breaking was some work
    DSC_3858 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    but the rewards were worth it
    DSC_3874 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    We tried to skin all the way up to the pass but breaking trail was slow and weather started moving in so we called it. The sun was barely penetrating the clouds
    DSC_3903 by Rob Peters2010, on Flickr

    We didn't get to ski anything super steep as conditions just weren't safe enough but man I love this place.
    I envy those folks that live in Revelstoke and Golden to have this gem of mountains to tour in their back yard.
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    I love Rogers Pass. What a place

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    Nice! Was up there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Incredible area

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    Awesome pictures!

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