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    Well, shit Was one surgery down on my left leg. Rehab was going great on the right leg ACL reconstruction was booked for June 27, 3 months to he day after my left leg. Three weeks before surgery - Pop! Audible. Broke my patella doing a lunge. It was my front knee and was doing body weight, prescribed that day by my PT. Back to a leg brace. Right knee ACL delayed until at least Sept. Looks like another season on the sideline.They tell me this happens in 1% of Patella Autografts.

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    I don't see a class of 2018, or 2019, so here it goes:

    37 yr old male, mainly backcountry/ski mountaineering, 40 days a season. Took a 800' tomahawk down a couloir 3 weeks ago (late January 2019). I remember the flip that took them out and my yell, it was both knees in that flip. Left: Complete ACL Tear, complete tear femoral attachment of the MCL, sprain of the pattellofemoral ligament. Right: MRI says partial ACL tear, some fibers are still there, it checks out ok in tests, grade 3 MCL sprain, small stable lateral meniscus tear, sprain of the pattellofemoral ligament.

    I've been in one non mobile brace on the left side and a limited mobility one on the right in the 3 weeks since the accident. Yesterday the surgeon increased my mobility on the left side so they're the same. They've wanted my MCL to heal, hence the locked brace. Head to PT in a couple days, meet with the surgeon again in 3 weeks, then head in ~3 weeks after that.

    Doc recommends to get BTB on my left side and try and do rehab on the right. "We don't operate on MRIs, you have fibers there and it stops in the tests" He wants me to do a bunch of research and I'm getting a second opinion before our next meeting. I had been under the assumption I'd need reconstruction on both sides.

    It's been hard watch all my friends rip this spectacular season we're having in Tahoe. Looking forward to starting my prehab Monday and then starting the long journey back. I hope to get out there next year.

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    Absolutely agree. Get it done now and you will be ready to go next season. Those extra few months of rehab and healing will make a huge difference IMO.

    But it sucks you had this time set aside to ski and this happened. Truth is there's never a good time though. Good luck whatever you do.

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