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    Which photo paper

    I read a bunch of old threads but didn't find much at this point so I figure I'd ask.
    I have a number of high res panoramic shots I want to get printed and I found a couple online services which offer custom-size prints. I'm on the fence about the type of paper to go with though. I know I'm not a fan of anything glossy/reflective so gloss and metallic are out. Does anyone have an opinion about the rest of the offerings?
    I know what matte is going to look like but luster, deep matte, silk, etc... are a bit of an unknown to me.
    Any opinions out there on preferences? The panos will be 20" tall by whatever wide, most of them will feature lots of snow and blue sky with heavy contrasts.

    I'd have a bunch of samples printed but I'm trying to get this done quick as several of them are presents that need to go out pretty soon.

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    This ship has probably sailed, but what the heck..

    One can not say much about the paper unless one sees the images...and the printer..and.

    Frames or without? Glass (museum or normal) or without? Mounted on aluminium? What are the original files, 4x5", DSLR, what resolution? Color or BW?

    All these affect the result as well. With low quality files one might end up having to use postprocess/raster/noice to reduce the banding in large continuous and even surfaces like sky. The more matte & pourous the paper is, the less you have banding related issues but you might lose perceived resolution as well. Printer & paper combo is usually such a mystery that singular advice can not be given, only testing with the file, in a particular print shop, can give some kind of estimation. Period.

    And in the end, there are so much other variables : where is it going to be hung, what color is the walls of the space, does it have spot lighting for the pieces, what color temperatures and intensities are those etc.

    Just few € from here.

    The floggings will continue until morale improves.

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    Why not get a few 8x10s test prints? Crop a section of your photo and get it printed on a couple of papers. It's a pretty cheap way to find out what you like.

    For what it's worth I just did a 16x48 on canvas at Costco. I like the way it came out.

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