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Thread: Fritschi Tecton

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    Quote Originally Posted by tupp_ View Post
    We tested pulling up the heel in a flexed ski position and there was movement towards walk mode but nothing that would allow the heel to eject like it has on snow. We think this is the most likely culprit: High flex + rapid extension = ejection.

    Going to follow up with Fritschi on this because I’ve lost confidence in these as my 60/40 backcountry resort ski at this point.
    hm, that is very strange. There would need to be quite a bit horizontal movement of the binding for that to happen, which at din 9 takes quite a bit of force. The snow build up hypothesis is perhaps the more likely culprit, though to be honest - there are scenarios where any alpine binding will release in hit by the lightening type scenarios (wrt the chance of it happening).

    Out of interest - what boots are you using them with?

    I've had something like 100-150 days across multiple pairs of Vipecs and Tectons - a lot of them hammering the bindings in resorts, and I have yet to have a single prerelease. As such I can but sympathize with your situation. Loosing faith in equipment is never fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalNomad View Post
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    I've noticed that there is a layer of snow that can build on the heel here. Maybe enough of a buildup there could cause the heel to not all the way engage leading to the unintentional tele-ing.
    This is the most likely culprit - though still connecting with black diamond as it did happen twice in a week. Thanks all, will let you know if I learn anything new. Fingers crossed!! These were kingpin killers for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tupp_ View Post
    Just had two pre-releases this week due to the heel flipping up partially into walk mode while skiing. Once in moguls and a second time creek hopping out a skin track. Neither are good places to be free-heeling unexpectedly!!

    Has this happened to anyone else? Visually there is nothing wrong with the bindings.
    either din is wrong, forward pressure wrong, or you're iced up and needed to exit heel / enter heel once more. pick your poison!
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    Fritschi Tecton

    Mine were acting kind of crazy on a transition yesterday due to some icing up. I vote itís gonna be some icing issue.
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    Thanks again, all.

    I've ran a few tests and I agree it is 90% sure this is an icing problem.

    One more question: are you all getting creaking in the binding? Will record some audio next time I am out.

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