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    “Iroquois History and Legends” is excellent- some decent upstate content in there as well.

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    Hardcore History was basically made for long road trips. That's the only time I'm able to listen to anything that long. Gotta break it up sometimes, though.

    Who Charted
    - funny-ish weekly music and movie chart podcast. I mostly listen for the Hot Picks, their selection of new music.

    The Neighborhood Listen - Improv podcast making fun of posts on Nextdoor. Looks like a lot has been moved to Stitcher Premium, but there are still some free gems. Anything with PFT is gonna be funny.

    R U Talkin' RHCP RE: Me? - Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman cover U2, REM, Talking Heads (and Stain'd) albums and history, sometimes seriously. They did one episode of RHCP and decided they'd rather do Talking Heads.

    Off Book - Each episode is an improvised musical. Can be hit or miss, but the hits (PFT) are pretty amazing. Jess McKenna is hilarious.
    Remind me. We'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

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    Thanks! Some great recs in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski to Be View Post
    Bill Mahers new podcast Club Random is good. He and interesting guests get stoned and drunk and just talk for an hour. JB Smooves "May I elaborate" is pretty funny
    +1 for Club Random.

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