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    Pre-2017 Cochise? 2017+ Cochise became the same BSL as Mach 1.
    Women's 2018 cochise 105 vs women's 2019 mach 1 lv 115. Both are stated 295 bsl yet the mach 1 requires 2 or 3 clicks more forward pressure, tighter toe wings and higher toe height with STH2.

    Point is, in response to discussion upthread, I'd be stunned if a STH2 is correctly adjusted for both a Cochise and a Salomon boot and its not likely just due to sole wear.

    OT but I'm coming to the view that a STH2 is a terrible binding to run with a boot quiver and i'm thinking of switching all my wife's skis over to SPX since you don't have to mess with the toe and at most would only require a couple clicks adjustment of forward pressure and in reality would probably be within range with both boots.
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