We are looking for probably 2-3 couples or singles to join our ski lease in Mammoth. Right now we have three definitely in with one more as a maybe. We want a group of either 5 or 6 couples or singles total. The price for a single is the same as the price for a couple. The lease is located in Snowcreek. It is three bedrooms and a loft with two bathrooms. The price will be 520 per person/couple with 5 groups or 433 per person/couple for 6 groups. We are all in our late 30's or older so it is not a big party house, we ski, have a couple of beers, and then get to bed pretty early. Snowcreek is right by the red line for the bus. It is on Old Mammoth rd. Please PM me if interested and we will talk further. If you are single and get a significant other during the season it is free for that person to come and stay. We have not decided on guest fees yet, at our previous lease they were 20$ a night but we might have them free this time, it has not been discussed. If you do bring guests up make sure to let people know as soon as possible. Members have priority on bedrooms over guests so keep that in mind. This is not a place for people who want to bring the same guests every weekend, that won't work with our group. A member must be present for a guest to be at the condo. Our core group has been together for about 6 years but a couple of people have moved so we are looking for new blood. This is a ski lease for people that are driving from socal to Mammoth, it is not a permanent residence. This is not a time share, you don't get to reserve a room or anything like that, it's first come first serve. If you can come up for a couple of weeks at a time that is fine, if that's what your schedule allows, but don't plan on taking over a room for a month and a half. This is for part-timers, not people who want to live up there.

PM me and we can talk further. You can also email me at dan3959@msn.com.