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    Prior Overlord

    Did some searching but there hasn't been a lot of info about this ski in the past few years. Anyone skiing a recent version? Looking at a new set of boards this season and I'm looking at the Prior Overlord in a 188, Volkl Confession in 186 or 193, or the new Billy Goat in 189.

    I had a Prior Original a long time ago and it was just OK. The ski wasn't terribly durable but I'm sure Prior has come a long way since its first year or two of making skis.
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    Haven't skied the very latest version, but have the previous model. It is a tank. Very good in crud and crust, not bad for it's size on hardback and a pretty good powder ski. Probably in it's element in PNW heavy type snow. It's a power ski, not a finesse ski. The new version has more side cut and is a bit easier to turn smaller radius turns and has better edge hold, not so much of a pin tail. The old model liked to run medium to long radius turns more, maybe was a bit more of a charger. The carbon version, which I have skied only in the Husume model, is still powerful, but lighter weight. Of the the three you have listed, I have only skied the Overlord, but would say from the descriptions of the others that the Overlord would be the most powerful ski and probably would take a bit more energy to ski as well.
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    Just get the billy goat and be done with it
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    Skied Overlord some years back, not sure I'd call it a tank, but strong, damp, typical indie wood ski feel (not carbon version), not a dancer in the bumps or trees although doable. Good ski, like all Priors seemed well made, but not life-changing. Apparently has changed design since.

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    Prior Overlord

    I had the 2011/2012 in a 193 - 6'3"/220 lbs +/- depending on recent beer intake. Sold it last winter after about 50-60 days on it.

    I'd agree with most of the other comments and would likely still have them except I grew to not like how they skied in 3D snow. The newer model shovel was reshaped to improve that aspect based on my discussions with the factory.

    They are damp, stable, can charge groomers if you're into that, but they are not nimble enough to deal with bumps well or tight trees - at least in a 193.

    I'd agree with suprechicken if you can get ahold of a Billygoat just do that. Unless you live in BC and get a better deal on a BC product. You may want to check out Foon skis - small maker, but good stuff also BC based.

    Looking forward to skiing my BG's this year.

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    I have demoed recent Prior Overlords 5 times in the past 3 years, while doing head-to-head ski testing all day on each of those testing days. After all those tests, I preferred the Overlord to all the other 23 ski models I tested.

    I have tried a ton of ski models over the years, and I often wonder if Overlords would be my #1 favorite of all time if I were somehow able to test them head-to-head against all other skis I have ever tried. ...But I have never skied Volkl Confession or Billy Goat.

    The only reason I don't own Overlords is I can never find these boutique skis used at a dirtbag low price.

    Strangely, IMO the Prior CBC model is inferior to other brands' version of that type of shape. And the Prior A-Star is merely "great". Just because Prior has dialed in the Overlord model to a very impressively high degree does not mean all their models are as dialed in. Weird.

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    Picked up some 183 overlords and figured I would add some rocker shots

    Click image for larger version. 

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