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    NRS Fishing Frame Parts on a Recretec Frame

    I have a recretec aluminum multiday frame. I'd like to add a front fishing station and an anchor system. Has anyone tried to couple NRS fishing parts to a recretec frame? Does it work?


    PS - I realize Recretec makes fishing frame parts as well. At this point I am trying to get an idea of all my options.

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    Here are the NRS pipe specs

    Made with 1-3/8" inner dimension 1-5/8 outer dimension anodized aluminum. The unbendable pipe is great to customize your side rails or add that extra cross bar. If you need lengths broken down into certain sections, please specify in the comments section when placing an order.

    Sold by the foot.

    Nominal size 1 1/4" Schedule 40, 6061-T6 anodized aluminum pipe
    Class III anodizing
    High strength-to-weight ratio
    Outside diameter = 1 5/8"
    Inside diameter = 1 3/8"
    Wall thickness = 1/8"
    Weight = 0.786 lbs/ft
    If your frame has the same size pipe, then the NRS Low Pros will work. If your frame has different size pipe, you'll have to get creative which can get pricey.

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    If you haven't, you might check out the Streamtech setup for ideas. Probably expensive to buy direct from Streamtech but you could probably cobble something together.

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